The Note: Trouble, My Friend, Right Here

25. SHOULD call Kevin Madden for advice (but doesn't).

26. Wears TV makeup all day.

27. Read David Rogers growing up.

28. Wants to get on Greta's show.

29. Thinks Jesse Jackson and George Miller are equally trustworthy and equally strategically brilliant.

30. Let's spouse terrorize the campaign staff.

31. Doesn't disguise his contempt for congressional Democrats.

32. Has lost Adam Nagourney's interest.

33. Al Gore might run for President.

34. Refuses to flip-flop on the war.

35. Being lied to by the finance staff about how much the first-quarter report will show.

36. Hates the boss.

37. The boss hates him.

38. Thinks a favorable Maureen Dowd or Paul Krugman mention is worth (at least) 25 electoral votes.

39. Has lost Dan Balz's respect.

40. Doesn't see the need for "message discipline" or a consistent "stump speech."

41. Is surrounded by yes-men and yes-women.

42. Thinks no one will actually build a grassroots effort in 99 Iowa counties -- so why should they?

43. Doesn't fully appreciate the single-minded determination of Ellen Malcolm.

44. Thinks blogger support=votes.

45. Doesn't know that Jeff Zeleny is no longer at the Tribune.

46. Gets angry and yells.

47. Still calls George Allen.

48. Once called Jonathan Alter "John Harris."

49. Doesn't remember which 2 Iowa counties Howard Dean won -- or, worse, never knew.

50. Treats the campaign staff with a combination of the styles of Al Gore and John Kerry.

51. Thinks iPod is a moving company.

52. Too tan, leaving voters wondering, "is s/he white enough?"

53. Makes Rahm look fat.

54. Member of "Mile High" club.

55. Doesn't know Harold Ickes' 2008 role.

56. Annoys VandeHei.

57. Hasn't bookmarked the URL for David Yepsen's blog.

58. Doesn't know what the O (Onette) stands for or the real reason behind the naming of O'Kay Henderson.

59. Former fresh face now an old fogey.

60. Too much perspiration, not enough inspiration.

61. Giuliani Inc.

62. Not the guy on "LA Law."

63. YouTube.

64. Clinton Inc.

65. Needs a Second Act.

66. Thinks the Shuttle is faster than the Acela.

67. At Halloween, went as Jenna Bush.

68. Sounds like a rusty trombone.

69. Running as a retread candidate against his/her platform from the last election.

70. Reads the classifieds.

71. Knows global warming is important; doesn't realize that having the press like you is too.

72. Needs an eye lift and jowls reduced.

73. Has had too many eye lifts.

74. Will always be overshadowed by Bill Clinton.

75. Spokesman's obsession with seeing his name in the paper, regardless of whether it helps the candidate.

For the first time since the one year anniversary of the storm last August, President Bush travels to the Gulf Coast where he holds an 11:40 am ET meeting with elected officials and community leaders at Biloxi City Hall in Mississippi. The President then travels to New Orleans, LA for a 1:35 pm ET lunch with Louisiana state and local officials, followed by a 3:10 pm ET visit to the Samuel J. Green Charter School, where he will deliver remarks at 3:50 pm ET.

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