The Note: No Hurry for That Final Disappointment

Bob Novak, acting like the old is new, accuses Sen. Clinton of padding her civil rights resume. ". . . the real problem with her speech concerned her claimed attachment to Martin Luther King Jr. as a high school student in 1963. How, then, could she have been a 'Goldwater Girl' during the following year's presidential election?'" LINK

Novak also claims that the sharp rebuke to David Geffen was approved unanimously during a campaign conference call presided over by consultant Mark Penn. "Bill Clinton was not on that call. But the former president, described by Democratic sources as 'incandescent' over Geffen's remarks, recommended the harsh response."

On Sunday, Pat Healy of the New York Times wrote of Sen. Clinton's "100 Club" speech, "It was one of the widest-ranging speeches that Mrs. Clinton has delivered this winter, and it reflected several trends in her campaign: Presenting herself as the most experienced, confident candidate in the field; tapping her husband's ideas and personal popularity; and portraying her candidacy as historic and inspiring for women and girls." LINK

While keynoting the New Hampshire Democratic party's "100 Club" fundraiser this weekend, Sen. Clinton raised an estimated $200,000 for the state party while decrying the Bush Administration's treatment of the middle class. The Union Leader's John DiStaso has more. LINK

Albert McKeon of the Nashua Telegraph writes that, "Democrats had their political appetites satisfied Saturday: chocolate in the afternoon with Hillary and then a chicken dinner with Hillary." LINK

The New York Post's Geoff Earle reports that Rep. Yvette Clarke is the lone holdout preventing the Clinton campaign from boasting about unanimous support from New York Democrats serving in Congress. LINK

The New York City Council may prove more problematic than the congressional delegation for 100% Democratic support. LINK

From NY1 News' report on Sen. Obama's New York fundraiser on Friday night: "'I can go so far as to say being from Bronx County, Clinton is certainly taking the African- American vote for granted,' said City Councilwoman Helen Foster. 'I am always suspect of elected officials -- especially white elected officials -- that we see in black churches Sunday mornings when it's election time. We are more than just a Sunday-morning base.'"

"Obama has 'taken the steam out' of Clinton's support among African-American voters, upsetting her core campaign strategy, Democratic activists agree," writes Fred Dicker in his New York Post column. LINK

The Washington Times' Donald Lambro uses David Sirota to malign Sen. Clinton. LINK

2008: Democrats: Obama:

USA Today borrows the Des Moines Register's Thomas Beaumont and his write up of Obama's comments on the Middle East while in Iowa this weekend. The Senator will begin incorporating a more intimate one-on-one campaign style into his Iowa visits, " 'After some of the initial novelty of the campaign fades off, as we enter the summer months, we're going to have the opportunity to campaign in that fashion,' Obama said in a Des Moines Register interview." LINK

Des Moines Register link to the same: LINK

In Sunday's Des Moines Register, Beaumont reported that Sen. Obama emphasized his unwavering opposition to the Iraq war while campaigning in Iowa on Saturday. LINK

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