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The New York Daily News' on Giuliani's backing from Louisiana Sen. David Vitter. LINK

The New York Post on the Vitter endorsement: LINK

Politico's Roger Simon explores the conventional wisdom in Giuliani's candidacy and concludes that the GOP nomination is perhaps not as unattainable as previously believed. LINK

Writes Simon , "Maybe some Republicans figure they are going to need something more than the same old buttons they have pushed time and time again. Maybe they believe that if a Republican is going to win in 2008, the party must do something other than just 'grow the Republican base,' which has been the mantra for a while now.'"

Robert Polner of Salon, citing the Democrats' shock over the Swift Boaters' attacks on Sen. Kerry's war record in 2004, suggests, "Should Rudy Giuliani be the Republican nominee in 2008, Democrats can create the same doubt about him, but without relying on distortion. They could instead use the truthful words of sympathetic subjects who credibly blame Giuliani for the loss of their loved ones on Sept. 11." LINK

Jonathan Martin Notes on his Politico blog that a Washington fundraiser later this month could rake in a cool $1 million for Rudy Giuliani, as the soiree's guest list is stocked with GOP heavy hitters. LINK

Martin also has a copy of the invite: LINK

And the Giuliani camp announced this morning that he plans to hold New York City fundraiser tomorrow night with former SNL cast member Dennis Miller handling the emcee honors.

2008: Republicans: Romney:

Seth Gitell of the New York Sun reports that Gov. Romney, utilizing his business and Olympic connections, "is planning to plunge into the heart of Giuliani country next week in an attempt to raise big dollars for his campaign." LINK

2008: Republicans: McCain:

Despite his opposition to a higher minimum wage and support for personal Social Security accounts, Pat Toomey, the president of the anti-tax Club for Growth, slams Sen. McCain's record in a Wall Street Journal op-ed.

Toomey hammers McCain for opposing President Bush's tax cuts using "class-warfare demagoguery" indistinguishable from rhetoric used by Democrats like Sen. Kennedy or Sen. Kerry. Toomey also hits McCain for teaming up with former Sen. Edwards on the HMO Patients' Bill of Rights, and for attacking political speech through his push for campaign finance regulation.

The Hill's Elana Schor is reporting that McCain plans to skip the Club for Growth's winter meeting in Florida. The Club will hear from several of McCain's rivals, including Giuliani, Gov. Romney, and Sen. Brownback. LINK

This is the fourth conservative gathering in two months that McCain has skipped. The Arizona Senator has also skipped the Conservative Political Action Conference, the Heritage Foundation's members' retreat, and the National Review Institute's conservative summit.

The McCain camp tells ABC News that the Arizona senator will be in Iraq during the Club for Growth's winter meeting.

John Ellis of the Fresno Bee reports on Sen. McCain's visit to Fresno where he was endorsed by Mayor Alan Autry who said the Senator "by and far is the right man at the right time in history." LINK

Sen. McCain handled the age question in an interview with the Bee, saying, "I work seven days a week. . . I hiked the Grand Canyon in August with my Naval Academy son from rim to rim. I'm in great shape."

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