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ABC News: "Senate Supports Troop Withdrawal Timetable" LINK

Politico: "Spring Break May Delay War Funds" LINK

Washington Times: "Bush to speak at college in Murtha's district" LINK

ABC News: "Reporter Reflects: Snow's Cancer Hits Home" LINK

Bloomberg: "Clinton, Obama, McCain Play Expectations Game Over Fundraising" LINK

The Hill: "Romney's tax record gets a closer look" LINK

CBN's Brody File: "Giuliani's Campaign Tells Brody File: We Won't 'Seek to Change' Restricting of Federal Funding of Abortion" LINK

New York Daily News: "Trump bash to help Rudy raise cash" LINK

Tallahassee Democrat: "McCain's visit reflects shifting primary schedule" LINK

Associated Press: "Report: NOW to endorse Clinton's WH bid" LINK

Associated Press: "Clinton Aids Vilsack With Campaign Debt" LINK

Associated Press: "Shaheen: Support for Clinton not linked to ambassador job" LINK

Hearst Newspapers: "Clinton runs even in being loved, hated" LINK

The Hill: "Unions ride Dem wave" LINK

Politico: "Obama Bucks New Hampshire Way" LINK

Chicago Sun-Times' Sweet: "Obama's gaffes start to pile up" LINK

Des Moines Register's David Yepsen: "Vilsack's exit boosted Edwards in Iowa, poll shows" LINK

Raleigh News & Observer: "Edwards campaign names key staffers" LINK

Gannett News Service: "Wisconsin's senior lawmaker endorses Edwards for president" LINK

Washington Post: "Edwardses' News Brings Flood of Online Support" LINK

Los Angeles Times: "Edwards moves in 'uncharted territory'" LINK

New York Observer: "Bill Richardson Seeks Clinton Scraps" LINK

The Hill: "Inhofe vows to put brakes on Gore's 'Live Earth' concert at the Capitol" LINK

New York Times: "With Local Figures on the Ballot, Others May Shun an Early Primary" LINK

ABC News: 'Reagan Library to Play Key Role in '08' LINK

Hartford Courant: "Primary '08 Will Be Fast And Furious" LINK

Wall Street Journal: "Lawmakers Join Hunt To Bag Big Donors Early" LINK