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"But there is still no word on exactly why Mukasey fell ill," they write. "Mukasey, 67, had been delivering remarks on combating international terrorism to the Federalist Society's annual meeting at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. A lawyer in the room said Mukasey 'started struggling with [his] speech, slurring' just before he collapsed."

ABC's John Hendren: "Just before 7 am, President Bush spoke to Attorney General Mukasey. The AG sounded well and is getting excellent care."

One last trip for the current president: "President Bush departs Friday for his final scheduled foreign trip as commander in chief -- a three-day jaunt to an economic summit in Peru -- where he will continue to defend free-market capitalism and meet with an increasingly antagonistic Russian President Dmitry Medvedev," Jon Ward writes in the Washington Times.

Whither the GOP? National Journal's Ron Brownstein: "As George W. Bush's presidency winds down, the Republican Party's greatest problem is that it doesn't appear to be reaching much of anybody who isn't already watching Fox News. Bush leaves behind a party that looks less like a coalition than a clubhouse."

Must-see video: Sarah Palin and the turkey. (Turkey is pictured at right.)

In Minnesota -- narrowing by the day: "With about 46 percent of the 2.9 million ballots counted by Thursday evening, the gap between Republican incumbent Norm Coleman and DFL challenger Al Franken continued to close. Coleman was leading by only 136 votes, a drop from his unofficial lead of 215 that was confirmed Tuesday by the state Canvassing Board," Kevin Duchschere writes in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

He's popular in many, many places: "Iranians appear to be putting as much stock in President-elect Barack Obama's slogan of 'change' as Americans voters, seeing his victory as an opening for possible renewed relations between the two countries, which have been cut off for nearly thirty years," Farah Stockman writes from Tehran, in The Boston Globe.

And its impact can be felt everywhere: "While Barack Obama transitions from Chicago to Washington, his presence will be felt thousands of miles away, where finalists for the 2016 Olympics will put on their best show Friday for Europe's Olympic voting delegates," Philip Hersh writes in the Chicago Tribune. "That means Chicago's representatives will have their first chance since the election to tout the lakefront, the facilities and Chicago's summer weather, all leavened with the bid's connections to the president elect."

Anyone think early voting hasn't changed everything? "More Floridians voted for John McCain than Barack Obama on Election Day, but the Democrat sealed his victory in the state by winning more early and absentee votes," the AP's Jennifer Kay reports.

Friday night on ABC's "20/20": Ashley Dupre sits down with Diane Sawyer. "If it wasn't me, it would have been someone else," Dupre says. "I was doing my job. I don't feel that I brought him down."

The Kicker:

"I saw Frank Luntz, who is a moron -- I want to make sure this is clearly on the record -- he was talking to Republican governors, making fun of John for not being able to use a BlackBerry. The man can't do it because he is much more disabled than people can imagine. . . . I would like to take a hammer and start breaking bones in Frank's arms." -- McCain pollster Bill McInturff, threatening pollster-on-pollster violence.

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