Election Night 2008

Oregon (7)
SEN Jeff Merkley- Gordon Smith

Hawaii (4)
PRES Obama- McCain

Idaho (4)
SEN Larry LaRocco- Jim Risch
ID-1 HOUSE Walter Minnick- Bill Sali

1:00 AM ET 3 Electoral Votes

Alaska (3)
SEN Mark Begich- Ted Stevens
AK-AL HOUSE Ethan Berkowitz- Don Young


ABC News' George Stephanopoulos: Guide to Election Night: Six Early States to Watch LINK

ABC News' Kate Barrett: Race Boils Down to Battlegrounds LINK

ABC News' Susan Donaldson James: Historic Election 2008: For the Record Books LINK

ABC News' Emily Friedman: Democrats Vie for Filibuster-Proof Senate LINK

ABC News' Matt Jaffe: Biden Greets Virginia Voters on Election Day LINK

ABC News' Andy Fies: Small Moments Writ Large LINK

ABC News' Andy Fies: Irony in Geography LINK

ABC News' Matt Jaffe: Biden Casts His Ballot in Wilmington LINK

ABC News' Matt Jaffe: Phils fan Biden rallies City of Brotherly Love LINK

ABC News' Imtiyaz Delawala: Palin's Family Physician Says She's in "Excellent Health" LINK

ABC News' George Stephanopoulos: Turnout LINK

ABC News' George Stephanopoulos: Key Moments LINK

ABC News' Jake Tapper: Rove Calls it for Obama: 338-200 Electoral Blowout LINK

ABC News' Jake Tapper: Among the Other Voters LINK

ABC News' Jake Tapper and Matt Jaffe: Oh, That Joe! (No. 46 in a Series) -- Gaffes? What Gaffes? LINK

ABC News' Jake Tapper: All Eyes Turn to Coos County LINK


Voters Get Excited and Emotional
For some people, Election Day goes beyond just casting a ballot. LINK

Election Day Is Under Way
Long voting lines are reported in the swing states of Ohio and Virginia. LINK

McCain Casts His Vote
The senator and his wife vote at Albright United Methodist church in Phoenix. LINK

Obama Casts His Vote
The senator and his wife vote at Chicago's Shoesmith Elementary School. LINK

Obama Demands College Football Playoffs
Democratic candidate speaks with ESPN's Chris Berman on "Monday Night Football." LINK

McCain Says He Can Go, All, the, Way
Republican candidate speaks with ESPN's Chris Berman on "Monday Night Football." LINK

Hasselbeck Still Angry About Rev. Wright
"View" co-host continues to blast Obama for past ties with his ex-pastor. LINK

'View' Is Sick of Voting Problems
The ladies wonder why the election process never seems to run smoothly. LINK

Kimmel: Bush Gets the Boot
Jimmy shows a bogus ad giving McCain and Obama something to agree on. LINK

Kimmel: Obama Attacks Sagging Pants
The senator takes on the issue of ill-fitting clothes during an MTV interview. LINK

Young Muslim Voters
The Muslim community at Syracuse University weighs in on the U.S. election. LINK

Political Dream Team Breaks It Down
Cokie Roberts, Matt Dowd and Juan Williams discuss the election. LINK

What Else Is on the Ballot?
Voters in several states weigh in on some controversial ballot questions. LINK

Frank Luntz Tracks the Voters
The veteran pollster uses Squiggle technology to help analyze voter reactions. LINK

What Your Vote Means
Voters explain in three words what voting means to them. LINK

Campaigning in the 11th Hour
John McCain makes his final pitch to American voters. LINK

David Plouffe on Barack Obama
Obama's campaign manager makes a final pitch for the Democratic candidate. LINK

Candidates Fire Up Voters
Obama, Biden, McCain and Palin address crowds in the final hours of campaigning. LINK

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