The Note's Must-Reads

Senator Craig Thomas:

Associated Press' Mary Clare Jalonick: "Three-Term Republican Sen. Craig Thomas Loses Battle Against Cancer" LINK

Jefferson Indictment:

New York Times' David Johnson and Jeff Zeleny: "Congressman Sought Bribes, Indictment Says" LINK

Washington Post's Jerry Markon and Allan Lengel: "Lawmaker Indicted on Corruption Charges" LINK

Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman: "Democrats Fear a Wider Black Caucus-Pelosi Rift" LINK


USA Today's Susan Page: "Obama, Clinton now virtually tied" LINK

Associated Press' Ron Fournier: "Analysis: Turning Up the Authenticity" LINK

2008: Republicans:

Associated Press' Brendan Farrington: "McCain, Romney Clash Over Immigration" LINK

2008: Republicans: McCain:

South Florida Sun-Sentinel's Ruth Morris: "Presidential candidate McCain makes pitch for immigration bill in S. Florida" LINK

2008: Republicans: Giuliani:

New York Times' Marc Santora: "Rhode Island Bishop Condemns Giuliani's Position on Abortion" LINK

New York Post's Carl Campanile: "RUDY: DEMS 'IN DENIAL' OVER TERROR" LINK

2008: Republicans: Thompson?

Washington Post's Richard Cohen: "Can He Find His Motivation?" LINK

2008: Democrats:

New York Times' Patrick Healy and Michael Luo: "Edwards, Clinton and Obama Describe Journeys of Faith" LINK

Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni: "Top Democrats open up on faith" LINK

Washington Post's E.J. Dionne Jr.: "The Missing Issues..." LINK

2008: Democrats: Clinton:

New York Times' Steven Greenhouse: "A Top Clinton Aide Draws Criticism From Unions" LINK

Boston Herald's Dave Wedge: "Menino in Clinton's corner for prez" LINK

Boston Herald columnist Margery Eagan: "The Hill's got eyes: Medical marvel or makeup, new look turning heads LINK

Associated Press' Nedra Pickler: "Clinton: Faith Got Me Past Marital Woe" LINK

New York Times' Robert Dallek: "Shining a Halogen Light on a Senator's Dark Corners" LINK

New York Post columnist John Podhoretz: "HILL'S DUST STORM: HOW SHE'S HIDING IRAQ VOTE" LINK

2008: Democrats: Obama:

The Hill's Manu Raju: "Obama tries to lure more Latino voters" LINK

Chicago Daily Herald's Eric Krol: "Obama loath to back immigration proposal" LINK


Chicago Sun-Times' Scott Fornek: "Obama painted as a 'rock star' by rivals" LINK

2008: Democrats: Richardson:

The Hill's Ian Swanson: "USOC criticizes Richardson over boycott comment" LINK

New York Sun's Josh Gerstein: "Olympic Boycott Is Rebuffed" LINK

2008: Democrats: Gore:

Seattle Times' David Postman: "Gore raps media, ignores rumors he'll run" LINK


Washington Post's Dan Balz and Jon Cohen: "Discontent Over Iraq Increasing, Poll Finds" LINK


Boston Globe's Susan Milligan: "Fiscal lift, burden in immigrant legislation" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Nicole Gaouette: "Immigration bill's key compromise under siege" LINK

ABC News' Z. Byron Wolf: "Tancredo Declares War on Republicans Who Support 'Amnesty'" LINK


ABC News' Gary Langer: "Democrats Lose Their Edge" LINK

Wall Street Journal's David Rogers: "House Democrats Propose Increase For Bush Budget's Key Programs" LINK

Libby Sentencing:

Time Magazine's Reynolds Holding: "How Much Time Will Libby Get?" LINK