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Fred Thompson steps into the limelight Tuesday evening when he makes his long-anticipated appearance on Jay Leno's show in Burbank, Calif.. Thompson tapes the two segment interview shortly after 7:00 pm ET. He will appear by himself on-stage, sans wife Jeri, reports ABC News' Christine Byun. NBC Entertainment plans to make advance clips available by satellite and reporters will be allowed to listen to the show as it is being taped via conference call. Also appearing on Tuesday's show will be Lauren Graham, who is promoting "Evan Almighty," and Toby Keith. Before he appears on "The Tonight Show," Thompson meets with members of Stanford University's Hoover Institution, per the New York Times' Kit Seelye. LINK

Thompson is not the only Republican '08er in the Golden State. Mitt Romney, who would like to double the size of Guantanamo but has been quiet thus far in the wake of Monday's 4th Circuit enemy combatant ruling, spends Tuesday raising money in San Diego, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara while John McCain holds events in Riverside and Newport Beach.

Rudy Giuliani makes an 8:45 am ET appearance at the Old Bedford Town Hall in New Hampshire. The always cryptic Giuliani camp says that the former New York mayor will not be unveiling his health-care vision (his market-based ideas for reform, which were teased in last week's Wall Street Journal, will come later this summer). Rather, he will discuss the "big picture in terms of where the mayor wants to go and issues he wants to focus on." At 9:00 pm ET, Giuliani makes (yet another) appearance on FNC's "Hannity & Colmes."

Sam Brownback, who just moved John Rankin from his Senate staff to his Iowa press operation, holds an open-press event in the cancer wing of a hospital in Cedar Rapids.

As for the Democrats, all the buzz is on a post-debate CNN/WMUR poll of likely Granite State Democratic primary voters released Monday afternoon which shows Hillary Clinton leading the field with 36 percent followed by Barack Obama at 22 percent, John Edwards and Al Gore each receive 12 percent, and Bill Richardson (with some help from those job interview ads) has pushed himself into double digits with 10 percent.

At 10:30 am ET, Clinton picks up a campaign endorsement at the Phoenix Park Hotel (which is conveniently located on Capitol Hill).

Obama discusses national low carbon fuel standards in Los Angeles at 2:00 pm ET. Obama's press conference comes just three days after Clinton would not say, according to the Detroit Free Press, whether she supported an Obama-backed bill in the Senate to raise fuel efficiency standards to 35 mpg by 2020. LINK

The Illinois lawmaker, also raises coin in Sea Cliff, Calif., at 8:00 pm ET and kicks off his Generation Barack Obama campaign at 9:00 pm ET.

Edwards takes his "Small Change for Big Change" campaign to Austin, Texas. (How long will it be until Edwards joins Harry Reid and Wesley Clark in lashing out at Joe Lieberman for his Sunday show comments about Iran?)

Richardson delivers a speech in San Jose, Calif., followed by a hat-trick of fundraisers in San Jose, Palo Alto, and Sacramento.

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