The Note's Sneak Peek

Twenty years after the Gipper gave his famous speech at the Brandenburg Gate, the man whom Richard Land has dubbed a "Southern Fried Reagan" tapes a 7:00 pm ET Tuesday appearance on Jay Leno's couch in Burbank, Calif. Once Thompson's "Tonight Show" appearance gets splashed all over morning television, attention can return to the 2nd quarter money scramble.

Even though Hillary Clinton had left the podium Tuesday when she was asked about second-quarter money following her Bob Menendez endorsement, she couldn't resist the opportunity to beat back the notion that being outraised by Barack Obama would carry any significance.

"It would mean nothing to my campaign," said Clinton. "Nothing at all." Watch the video LINK and read the story on LINK

On Wednesday, Clinton delivers the 2:30 pm ET commencement address at the McLean High School Graduation at DAR Constitution Hall in Washington, D.C.

While Obama tends to his duties in Washington, D.C., his wife tries to narrow the gender gap facing her husband with a 12:00 pm ET appearance at a "Women for Obama" event in Las Vegas.

John Edwards heads to Obama's Chicago turf for a 6:15 pm ET "Small Change for Big Change" event at BB's Bar and Restaurant.

Bill Richardson spends the day in Las Vegas beginning with a rally at an elementary school at 4:00 pm ET, a meeting with the Nevada Central Labor Council at 6:30 pm ET, a kick-off rally for Nevada canvassing at 7:30 pm ET, a speech to the Las Vegas Stonewall Democrats at 9:00 pm ET and a fundraiser in the evening.

Joe Biden plans to spend the next few days tending to his day job in Washington, D.C.

On the Republican side, all the buzz is on a post-debate CNN/WMUR poll which shows that Romney, who sits atop the latest Iowa polls, is also leading in the Granite State. LINK

One day after rolling out his 12 Commitments to America in New Hampshire, Giuliani spends Wednesday raising money in New York.

While the mayor's camp notes that Giuliani is the first Republican to neatly package his big overall vision this year, Romney's Kevin Madden isn't about to let them forget that the former Massachusetts governor was giving the Des Moines Register's David Yepsen his "Ten Issues America Must Address to Remain the Economic and Military Superpower" a full 11 months earlier and that he has been working those ideas--to differing degrees--into subsequent speeches.

"I believe Governor Romney has gained steady support with Republicans over the last few months exactly because he has gained notice as the idea driven, issue-focused candidate," Madden told ABC News. "Others are only just finding these ideas in an effort to support their name identification levels now."

On Wednesday, Romney and John McCain are both in California raising money. Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee is in Iowa with appearances at Des Moines, Story City and Ames.

With Thursday's deadline to notify the Wyoming GOP if one is interested in being considered as a possible replacement for the late Sen. Craig Thomas, R-Wy., fast approaching, neither the vice president nor his wife have any public events on Wednesday.

As for President Bush, he joins the Republican leadership of the House and Senate in delivering 6:30 pm ET remarks at the NRSC and the NRCC annual President's Dinner.

For his part, DNC Chairman Howard Dean attends a 9:00 pm ET "grassroots" reception in Beverly Hills.