The Note's Sneak Peek

Give the guy credit for showing up.

He was described (at one time) by one of his own former advisers as having been "a pro-life Mormon faking it as a pro-choice friendly" in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, but while John McCain spends Friday collecting political chits and raising coin in Texas, Georgia and Alabama, and while Rudy Giuliani takes the two tablets bearing his 12 Commitments to Portland, Ore., Mitt Romney joins Sam Brownback at the National Right to Life Convention in Kansas City. LINK

Also bear in mind that McCain and Giuliani will not be joining Romney (and several other Republican '08ers) in Des Moines at a June 30 presidential candidates' forum being held by the Iowa Christian Alliance in conjunction with Iowans for Tax Relief.


When Romney shows up in the City of Fountains/Heart of the Nation for his 10:30 am ET remarks, he may get asked about the latest story by ABC News' Rick Klein and Jake Tapper. LINK

". . . just two months after he switched his position on abortion," write the ABC News duo, "Romney nominated a Democrat who ran for the state Legislature as a "pro-choice" candidate to a perch on a state district court."

As for the '08er waiting in the wings, attendees at the Right to Life Convention will not get to see Fred Thompson in person. But they will get a chance to hear his basso profundo voice Thursday evening in a pre-recorded video greeting, reports ABC News' Christine Byun.

When Romney gets done addressing the Right to Life Convention on Friday, he heads to Iowa for appearances in Oelwein, Waverly, and Waterloo.

Fred Thompson's Friday schedule includes a 10:45 am ET speech to the Missouri Bankers Association in Osage Lake, Mo., -- an event which has been on the books since November and is closed press, per the terms of Thompson's speaking contract.

As for the other Republican '08ers, Mike Huckabee spends his day in Texas, Tom Tancredo is in California (including a stop at the Nixon Library), and Tommy Thompson is in Iowa.

Back in Washington, Esperanza's National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast hears from President Bush at 7:30 am ET followed by Hillary Clinton at 9:53 am ET. The event, which takes place at the JW Marriott, also draws Howard Dean, Mel Martinez and Ted Kennedy.

After the prayer breakfast, President Bush visits the Boys and Girls Club of South Central Kansas while Sen. Clinton heads to the Granite State for a 1:30 pm ET town hall meeting on stem cell research at Dartmouth College.

While the former first lady is in New Hampshire, former President Bill Clinton is honored by the National Partnership for Women & Families at 11:30 am ET in Washington DC.

Barack Obama is in South Carolina where he addresses a Baptist Church in Spartanburg, at 10:00 am ET and attends a 2:00 pm ET rally in Greenville.

The Edwards family splits campaign duty with John in Iowa and Elizabeth is in New Hampshire.

Video extra:

In the "It's Never Too Early" segment on the "This Week All Week" webcast, ABC News Political Director David Chalian spoke with George Stephanopoulos about the plethora of polls this week to determine which '08er took a step forward and which candidate took a step back. LINK