The Note's Sneak Peek

When Barack Obama heads to New Hampshire Friday for a good government speech, he does not plan on making a Clintonesque pledge to run the "most ethical administration in the history of the republic."

He does plan, however, to offer some tangible examples of what he means when he says that he would "turn the page" on the ways in which politics have been practiced.

With Ron Brownstein seeing him as the "priest" to Hillary Clinton's "warrior," the "wine track" to her "beer track," the Bill Bradley to her Al Gore, the key test for Obama's reform proposals will be whether he can present them as a gateway to substantive change.

Following his 12:30 pm ET speech in Manchester, N.H., Obama heads to New York for an 8:30 pm ET open press, Generation B.O. fundraiser at Hammerstein Ballroom. LINK

Joe Biden, who is indebted to a firefighter for saving the lives of his two sons, attends a memorial service for the South Carolina firefighters who died this week (Senate schedule permitting).

On Thursday, the Delaware Democrat had to cut short an appearance at a Christian Science Monitor lunch due to a vote. But before leaving, he did get to play "the skunk" at the Democratic "family picnic," blaming the Gallup Poll's low (14%) congressional confidence rating on his fellow Democrats not being "straightforward" with the public on the practical limits facing a party with only a narrow congressional majority. LINK

Bill Richardson, who has lowered state flags for the firefighters, is sending his wife to the memorial service which is taking place at 10:00 am ET in Charleston, S.C.

The New Mexico governor himself campaigns in Iowa with a 12:30 pm ET meeting at Drake University, a 6:00 pm ET opening of his headquarters in Des Moines, and an 8:00 pm WET meeting in Ankeny, Iowa.

Out in Los Angeles, hundreds of mayors will hear from Hillary Clinton some time between 3:00 and 5:00 pm ET if the Senate schedule allows her to maintain her commitment. The conference is taking place at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Hotel.

The nation's most visible mayor, Mike Bloomberg, will not be in attendance, according to his press staff.

John Edwards, whose nine-year old daughter has a sly sense of humor when it comes to her 2008 preference, holds a 5:30 pm ET fundraiser in New York. Link

Dennis Kucinich holds a 12:30 pm ET forum in Hiram, Ohio, on global poverty and health care.

As for the Republicans, John McCain, who said Wednesday that he has found fundraising "very tough," is raising coin in New York at an event hosted by the chairman of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, Mark Broxmeyer. LINK

Mitt Romney, who won over Montana Democratic Gov. Brian Schweitzer when the two traveled to Iraq together, heads to Helena, Mt., to address an open press GOP convention. Romney then heads to Idaho for a fundraiser. While Romney is in the Mountain West, Mini-Mitt continues to ask visitors to his web site to part with some coin in advance of the June 30 fundraising deadline. LINK

Rudy Giuliani's town hall meeting in Jacksonville has been rescheduled for next month.

Mike Huckabee spends all day in South Carolina where he is giving a speech, attending two meetings, and holding a fundraiser.

President Bush stays home at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for an Oval Office meeting with the president of Vietnam, Nguyen Minh Triet, before making remarks at a celebration of Black Music Month in the East Room.