The Note's Sneak Peek:

With four days to go until the end of the second quarter, instead of filling his own campaign coffers, Fred Thompson picks up some political chits in Columbia, S.C., on Wednesday by raising money for the South Carolina GOP.

The $50 per person luncheon fundraiser sold out on Friday and is expected to draw more than 300 people. Prior to Thompson's open press luncheon remarks, he holds a $500 per person roundtable discussion for state party contributors which will be closed press. According to the GOP power broker who will introduce Thompson at Wednesday's lunch, there is "a lot of interest and excitement" in the Law & Order actor despite his late start.

"He adds a sexiness to the race," Katon Dawson, the chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, tells ABC News. "A lot of people know the senator from television. Sometimes people get very deep about who wins when it really comes down to: 'Who do you know? Do I like you? What do you stand for?'"

Dawson sees South Carolina as "still anybody's game." He predicts, however, that "somewhere between now and Labor Day, one or two" of the Republican presidential candidates will start "breaking out of the pack substantially" as GOP activists look for a candidate who can hold the White House in a year in which the party has a "big hill to climb" after eight years in power.

While Thompson is in the Palmetto State, Mitt Romney is in New York for a noontime fundraiser followed by a 7:00 pm ET dinner with young professionals.

Romney is not alone in raising coin on Wednesday: Rudy Giuliani raises money in Pittsburgh, John McCain raises money in New York and New Jersey, Sam Brownback does it in California, and Jim Gilmore does it in New York.

Rather than raising money, Tommy Thompson sticks to pressing the flesh in Iowa.

As for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton delivers 12:30 pm ET foreign policy remarks to former Defense Secretary Bill Perry's Center for New American Security.

Clinton will be introduced by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. The event takes place in Washington, D.C., at the Willard InterContinental Hotel.

Clinton will not have the foreign policy stage to herself on Wednesday.

Bill Richardson is planning to deliver a 12:30 pm ET speech on how to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. The speech takes place at the Center for National Policy in Washington, DC.

"The clear message must be this," Richardson plans to say. "Develop nukes and you will face devastating global sanctions. Desist from developing nukes and you will receive meaningful rewards, including robust security guarantees and guaranteed supplies of nuclear fuel from abroad."

One day after saying, "The only person who would probably be prepared to be our president on Day 1 would be Bill Clinton -- not Hillary Clinton," Barack Obama tends to Senate business before raising money in Chevy Chase, Md.

On the "Political Radar," ABC News' Tahman Bradley looks at whether a Tuesday e-mail from Bill Clinton to his wife's campaign supporters was a response to Obama's swipe or something that was already baked in the cake. LINK

John Edwards heads to Houston for a 6:00 pm ET fundraiser at Goode's Armadillo Palace.

As for President Bush, he speaks at the rededication of the Islamic Center of Washington at 11:00 am ET. After that, he attends a 3:45 pm ET tee ball game on the South Lawn of the White House.

As the Senate continues to debate immigration reform, Arizona Gov./ NGA Chair Janet Napolitano offers her perspective in a 9:45 am ET speech at the National Press Club.