Like Angels on the Head of a Pin . . .

36 Days Until Inauguration Day

When the President gets bored during today's White House economic conference, he has to pretend to listen.

But you can/should digest the following (extra large bundle of) must-reads:

Shailagh Murray of the Wall Street Journal checks in on the GOP agenda and teases out the prospects of ANWR and tort reform, along with the Big Casino items of tax and Social Security reform. LINK

The Washington Post's formidable Birnbaum and Weisman look at the lobbying muscle opposed to those Big Casino items and remind people that lobbyists can sometimes move votes. LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Vieth and Havermann nicely curtain-raise the economic meeting with a gander at the basics of Social Security reform. LINK

Ron Brownstein takes a look in the Los Angeles Times at how dominant President Bush and the Republican Party were/are in the South (county by county, among white voters, and in the on-the-record estimation of Karl Rove). LINK

(For those thinking about '08, this is the mostest of the must-reads . . . )

The Washington Post's Powell and Slevin take a measured look at what went wrong at Ohio voting places. LINK

The White House gets off (relatively) easy in the New York Times and Washington Post attempts to tick tock the (their so-called) vetting process of Bernie Kerik. LINK and LINK

The New York Daily News peels another (alleged) layer of the onion, looking at the "colorful" ties (yet) another Kerik property has to some interesting figures. LINK

David Broder doesn't seem to totally love the Bush Cabinet -- except of course those members who used to be governors!!! LINK

The Washington state gubernatorial overtime (Imagine the national media coverage if this were happening in a "real" state!!!) gets closer to resolution. LINK and LINK

Bryan Bender of the Boston Globe says the price(tag) of war (in Iraq) is going up, and wonders why all this keeps getting done in supplementals. LINK

Bill Kristol -- in a Washington Post op ed -- seems to feel (even) less positively about Secretary Rumsfeld than Sen. McCain does. LINK

Scot Lehigh of the Boston Globe sounds positively like Ken Mehlman as he decries the Democratic Party's embrace of culturally liberal Hollywood. LINK

The two Democratic Leaders on the Hill somehow think that they can imprint a candidate into the minds of voting members of the DNC in the chair race -- and Reid and Pelosi are now hot for Tim Roemer. LINK AND LINK

Harold Meyerson's Washington Post op-ed looks at the state of political and economic play of Big Labor. LINK

For those of you who recognize that New York is the center of the political universe for the next two years, these are must-reads:

The New York Times' Jennifer Steinhauer brilliantly puts her exit interview from the City Hall beat right in the paper, with a look at Mike Bloomberg's political state. LINK

The Times also has Gov. Pataki delphically and maybe suggesting that he would rather run for re-election or president than against Senator Clinton (and check out the last paragraph, in which Kieran Mahoney let's us all know what's what . . . ). LINK

The White House's economic meeting with Bush Administration advisers and business leaders begins today and continues tomorrow, at the Ronald Reagan Building, Washington, DC.

Here's a look at the first day:

-- 9:30 am ET: Vice President Cheney delivers the opening remarks.

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