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Now that second-quarter figures are available for all six of the Big Six '08ers, the big money story is that the Democrats have -- at least for now -- eliminated the GOP's historic edge in raising coin, reflecting a growing hunger on the part of the out party to take back the White House. LINK

A few computations tell the story:

Second Quarter comparison (in millions):

Big 3 Republicans vs. Big 3 Democrats: $48.7 vs. $68.5

Aggregate First Quarter + Second Quarter:

Big 3 Republicans vs. Big 3 Democrats: $101.7 vs. $144.3

Candidate-by-candidate: Romney $23.4 + $20.5=$43.9

Giuliani $16.6 + $17= $33.6

McCain $13 + $11.2 = $24.2


Clinton $36 + $27 = $63

Obama $25.8 + $32.5 = $58.3

Edwards $14+ $9 = $23


Beyond the party disparity in fundraising, the second quarter has also produced some memorable money-related one-liners.

With Bill Richardson breathing down the neck of John Edwards, with Barack Obama besting Hillary Clinton in primary cash for the second quarter in a row, and with Mitt Romney having to once again tap his considerable wealth, here are our picks (in reverse order):

"Tiers schmeers." --Jonathan Prince (John Edwards for President) LINK

"It would mean nothing to my campaign. Nothing at all." – Hillary Clinton (Video: LINK

"Because I have to, all right." – Mitt Romney LINK

4th of July politics:

In Iowa, Hillary and Bill Clinton march the Clear Lake parade where they just might bump into Mitt Romney who will also be on hand for at the 11:00 am ET event. The Clintons then head to Waterloo for "Ready for Change" events at 3:00 pm ET and 7:30 pm ET. On top of the Clear Lake parade, Romney makes his way to 4th of July parades in Ames (12:30 pm ET) and Waukee (2:00 pm ET).

Joined by his wife and daughters, Barack Obama campaigns in the Iowa towns of Pella, Beaverdale, and Oskaloosa.

Chris Dodd marches the Norwalk 4th of July Parade then heads to Pleasantville,Wellman, and Coralville before hitting the Cedar Rapids freedom festival at 7:30 pm ET. It's all part of his "river to river" tour.

Joe Biden addresses veterans in Marshalltown at 1:00 pm ET and has a 3:00 pm ET cookout in Des Moines.

Sam Brownback, whose Iowa campaign is becoming increasingly aggressive towards Romney, attends parades in Urbandale at 11:00 am ET, Ames at 12:30 pm ET, and Pella at 3:30 pm ET.

In New Hampshire, Bill Richardson walks the Amherst parade at 9:45 pm ET, has a house party in Bow at 3:00 pm ET, makes an appearance in Goffstown at 4:30 pm ET, and then catches the fireworks in Nashua at 8:00 pm ET.

Duncan Hunter walks the parade in Merrimack, N.H.

John McCain spends his Independence Day in Iraq while John Edwards stays at home in Chapel Hill, N.C.

As for President Bush, he makes 9:30 am ET remarks to the West Virginia Air National Guard in Martinsburg, W.Va.

Thursday politics:

Two unions hold '08er forums:

The National Education Association hears from Obama at 11:00 am ET, Mike Huckabee at 2:00 pm ET, and Joe Biden at 4:00 pm ET. (This is the final leg of a forum which began Monday and Tuesday).

The Steelworkers convention in Cleveland, Ohio, hears from Biden at 11:00 am ET, Edwards at 1:00 pm ET, and Dennis Kucinich at 2:15 pm ET.

Back in Iowa, Hillary Clinton takes her campaign to in Muscatine at 1:00 pm ET, to Ottumwa at 4:00 pm ET, and to Fort Dodge at 7:30 pm ET. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton departs the Hawkeye State for Independence, Missouri, where he delivers 4:30 pm ET remarks at the Truman Library.

In New Orleans, Obama speaks at the 13th Annual Essence Music Festival.

Richardson stays in New Hampshire for a 4:00 pm ET "job interview" in Marlow.

Dodd remains in Iowa for an 11:00 am ET ice cream social in Clinton, before making stops in Dubuque, Waterloo; finishing with the Waverly community potluck and barbeque at 5:45 pm ET.

Giuliani stays focused on the Florida primary: he visits with employees of American Industrial Plastics in Daytona Beach.

Friday politics:

President Bush celebrates his 61st birthday.

Dodd and musician Paul Simon campaign in Iowa with an 8:30 am ET breakfast in Mason City and appearances at 12:15 pm ET and 6:30 pm ET in Fort Dodge and Sioux City, respectively.

Bill Richardson holds an evening fundraising event in Columbia, S.C. He then heads to New Hampshire where he speaks at the Manchester Chamber of Commerce Candidates forum.

Mike Huckabee performs with his band, Capitol Offense, at a 6:00 pm ET open press fundraiser in New Hampshire.

Fred Thompson holds a 5:30 pm ET fundraiser in Atlanta.

Tommy Thompson kicks off his 11-day "Common Sense Solutions Bus Tour" in Ames.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell participates in an Internet chat with Generation Engage in New York.

Video extra:

In a Tuesday interview with the AP's Mike Glover, Hillary Clinton drew a distinction between President Bush's decision to commute the sentence of Scooter Libby – which she has harshly criticized since it was announced on Monday – and her husband's 140 pardons in his closing hours in office. Read the story: LINK

Just last month, Clinton was reluctant to speak out on the possibility of a pardon.

"Oh, I think there would be enough to be said about that without me adding to it," Clinton told MSNBC's Chris Matthews at last month's AFSCME forum.

Matthews scolded Clinton for giving "such a political answer." He was subsequently booed by some of the AFSCME members in attendance for not asking a real question.

Watch the video: LINK


ABC News' Rick Klein "Romney Brings In $14 Million" LINK

ABC News' Rick Klein and Jennifer Parker: "Democrats Turn up Heat Over Libby" LINK

ABC News' Jennifer Duck: "Bush 'Stands By' Decision to Commute Libby Prison Term" LINK

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