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Progress on the new majority's domestic agenda has been slow in coming on Capitol Hill. But congressional Democrats get their day in the sun Tuesday when the federal minimum wage rises for the first time in a decade.

The minimum wage rises from $5.15 to $5.85 per hour on Tuesday; a year later, it goes to $6.55 per hour; one year after that, it rises to $7.25.

To celebrate the boost in wages for workers in the 20 states that have not moved ahead of the federal minimum wage, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid headline a 2:30 pm ET rally in Upper Senate Park. The congressional leaders will be joined by more than 100 House members and more than a dozen senators. To spread the word about the minimum wage hike, the liberal Americans United for Change made a six-figure ad buy on this issue last week. Their ads are airing on national cable and on DC broadcast television. LINK

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One '08er who might soon feel squeezed on the minimum wage is Mitt Romney.

The Republican presidential hopeful promised to index the minimum wage in Massachusetts (it's #39 in his compilation of promises) but he has shied away from his earlier stance in his run for president.

"You know I haven't looked at the federal minimum wage process," Romney told ABC News on Sunday. "I'll look at that. I don't have a – I haven't taken a position on that at this stage."

If Romney sticks to his Massachusetts position, he risks alienating the business groups he is now courting in his run for president. But if he comes out against indexing the minimum wage, he will once again find himself in the crosshairs of the DNC's "Daily Flipper".

On Tuesday, Romney remains in New Hampshire with no public schedule.

Rudy Giuliani heads to California's Inland Empire on Tuesday for a 1:15 pm ET meeting with local residents at the Coffee Depot in Riverside.

"Hard Call" author John McCain raises coin in St. Joseph and Ada, Michigan. He also has a quick media gaggle in Grand Rapids at 1:15 pm ET.

As for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton addresses an audience of about 200 on energy independence and the environment at a 3:00 pm ET event organized by the Seacoast Media Group in Portsmouth, NH. On Monday, Clinton joined Sens. Jim Webb, Robert Byrd and Evan Bayh in calling for the Senate Armed Services Committee to hold hearings on whether the Pentagon has done sufficient planning for a U.S. troop withdrawal from Iraq.

The executive editor of Ms. Magazine -- Katherine Spillar -- lashed out Monday at the Washington Post for publishing a story last week analyzing Hillary Clinton's recent hint of cleavage on the Senate floor.

Ms. Magazine's on-line petition can be read here: LINK

Friday's Washington Post story can be read here: LINK

Barack Obama is in New York Tuesday participating in an invitation-only, closed-press "Conversation on the Circle."

John and Elizabeth Edwards attend a 10:15 am ET "meet and greet" at Kitty's Soul Food in Charleston, S.C., before holding a 12:00 pm ET roundtable with environmental leaders at Carolina Seafood in McClellanville. The senator holds a media availability following the roundtable. After that, Edwards holds a 1:30 pm ET town hall meeting to discuss his plan to raise the minimum wage at Steelworkers Union Hall in Georgetown. Edwards ends his day traveling to Georgia for a 4:45 pm ET fundraiser at the Georgia Freight Depot in Atlanta.

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