The "latte liberal" line-of-attack is in full force!

Hillary Clinton's decision to call Barack Obama's approach to rogue dictators "irresponsible and frankly naïve" on Tuesday is best understood as part of a broader effort to paint the freshman senator, who has captured the imagination of many upscale Democrats, as the latest in a long line of latte liberals.

Think of it as the Clinton version of the Reagan-Romney three-legged stool.


As Barack Obama's crowds continue to swell, keep telling yourself that the Iowa caucuses will be decided by people who wear eye-glasses rather than by people who listen to iPods. Oh yeah, and hold onto that tape of Obama telling ABC News' George Stephanopoulos that "everything should be on the table" when it comes to fixing Social Security. LINK

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Sit back and chuckle as Obama -- who emerged as Planned Parenthood's favorite '08er -- gets pummeled by everyone from Mitt Romney to Al Cardenas to Sean Hannity for backing legislation in Illinois which would have started elements of sex education in kindergarten.


Every time Obama answers a national-security question on a topic other than Iraq, hammer him for showing any hint of softness. In Monday's debate, the issue was how to avoid being used as a pawn by the leader of a rogue regime. Back in April, the issue was readiness to use force in the face of an attack from Al Qaeda.

The Quad City Times, the newspaper at the center of Tuesday's epic Clinton-Obama showdown, has audio which you can listen to here: LINK

Read Rick Klein's account of the day's developments on LINK

Obama, who counterpunched Clinton on Tuesday by saying that what was "irresponsible and naïve" was voting to authorize the Iraq war, tends to Senate business on Wednesday. For her part, Clinton testifies on the Ballot Integrity Act at 10:00 am ET, she discusses expanded preschool at the Center for American Progress at 10:30 am ET, and she chairs a hearing on the EPA's environmental justice programs at 2:00 pm ET.

John Edwards joins seven time Tour de France winner and cancer survivor Lance Armstrong at 10:30 am ET for the fourth day of Register's Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa.

Bill Richardson is also in Iowa. He has stops in Mason City, Garner, Algona, Dakota City and Fort Dodge.

As for Mike Bloomberg, the New York mayor and potential independent presidential candidate delivers 1:00 pm ET remarks on education to the National Urban League conference taking place in St. Louis. He also sits down for an interview with ABC News' Robin Roberts which airs Thursday on "Good Morning America." Bloomberg's appearance comes two days before Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards and Dennis Kucinich address the same group.

Mitt Romney and John McCain both have busy campaign schedules in New Hampshire. Romney stops in Laconia at 7:45 am ET; in Franklin at 8:45 am ET; in New London at 10:30 am ET, in Concord at 12:45 pm ET, in Manchester at 4:00 pm ET and finishes the day with an "Ask Mitt Anything" town hall meeting in Bedford at 5:15 pm ET. For his part, McCain attends a 9:30 am ET forum in Manchester, NH, before meeting with local residents in Nashua and Keene.

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