Sneak Peek: Edwards Rides Tax Code


Unlike the stepped intra-party fighting on display in the Democratic nomination fight, Republicans Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani are doing their best to keep their fire trained on the Democrats. (Of course, that plan won't last for long.)

The freshest ABC News/Washington Post poll provides some data to back up that strategy. The poll shows that 65 percent of Republicans are satisfied overall with their current crop of candidates. By comparison, 85 percent of Democrats feel satisfied overall with their candidates. LINK

And so it was Romney Tuesday slamming the Dems for being too liberal. ''I'm convinced that America is going to change course and the question is which way it is going to go: Are we going to take a sharp left turn represented by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and John Edwards, or are we going to march forth with the American values that have always helped us be the strongest nation on earth." LINK

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And Hizzoner Rudy Giuliani saying Monday that the Democrats have "their heads in the sand," and don't understand the threat posed by Islamic terrorists.

Meanwhile, Sen. Barack Obama is taking on all Democratic and Republican comers by boldly lying claim that he has better judgment in foreign policy than any other candidate in the race -- irrespective of party.

It will be interesting to see if Obama's '08 rivals -- the former first lady, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and the former Ambassador -- respond to the freshman senator's remarks in the days to come.

ABC News' Jake Tapper has the exclusive details on the closed-door, off-the-record meeting where the senator made his remarks. LINK

Looking ahead to Thursday. . .

In Des Moines at 10:45 am ET, John Edwards tries to once again get out in front of the rest of the Democratic presidential field by outlining what his staff is billing as his biggest economic speech to date focusing on taxes. The Edwards campaign tells ABC News, the senator will unveil a series of new initiatives to close loopholes for corporations, reward work and offer middle class families new ways to get ahead. "Americans are tired of the Washington way -- empty talk and half-measures, and in tomorrow's speech you won't find any of that," said Edwards spokesman Eric Schultz. "The tax policy that will be announced will be the latest example of John Edwards offering courage, conviction and real ideas -- and being honest and straight about how we're going to get them done."

Sen. Edwards spends the rest of his day in the Hawkeye state campaigning in Winterset, Creston, Atlantic and Council Bluffs.

Clinton is in Washington, DC with no public schedule. She picked up Sen. Dianne Feinstein's D-Calif., endorsement Wednesday. (But with the key Granite State nod from Rep. Paul Hodes and Rep. Steve Rothman's endorsement, Sen. Obama wins the Tuesday battle for superdelegates 2-1.)

Obama announces Hodes' endorsement at 8:00 am in Concord, New Hampshire before delivering 5:00 pm ET remarks at the College Democrats of American Convention in Columbia, South Carolina.

Bill Richardson meets and greets at the Barley House in Concord, NH at 9:00 pm ET.

Chris Dodd spends the day in Cedar Rapids, IA as part of SEIU's "Walk a Day in My Shoes" Program in which he works alongside a Head Start teacher on her job. He holds a press briefing at 12:00 pm ET.

Joe Biden chairs a 9:30 am ET Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the U.S. treatment of Detainees.

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