The Note's Sneak Peek:

The big '08 story going forward is not where the candidates will be – but where they won't be.

None of the '08 Democrats plan to speak to the Democratic Leadership Council which is meeting Saturday through Monday in Nashville, Tenn.

Obama's snub comes after telling the Black Commentator in 2003 that he intended to "engage DLC members, just like" he "intended to engage everybody else."


Clinton's snub or half snub (given that Bill Clinton speaks to the group on Monday) comes after she headed up the DLC's "American Dream Initiative" in 2006.

In other news:

Obama and Clinton were swiped by John Edwards on Friday. Edwards accused his better-funded rivals of spending their time "attacking each other instead of attacking the problems that this country is facing." LINK

Romney announced Friday that he will not be taking part in the upcoming CNN/YouTube debate. Even though his official reason for not participating is a scheduling conflict, Romney suggested Friday on C-SPAN that the YouTube format was lacking in the level of respect he thinks presidential candidates should be afforded. (Romney also revealed that he just got through reading Bill Bradley's new book. His spokesman, Kevin Madden, compared it to reading the "other team's playbook").

For his part, Giuliani is unlikely to participate in the CNN/YouTube debate, per ABC News' Jan Simmonds. LINK

Saturday political highlights:

On Saturday, Hillary Clinton speaks to a convention of College Democrats in Columbia, SC, while Obama campaigns in Des Moines.

New Hampshire will get a chance to hear from Elizabeth Edwards and Bill Richardson.

On the Republican side, Mitt Romney campaigns in Florida as his wife heads to Wyoming.

Tommy Thompson, who said earlier this week he would be "shocked" if he does not win the Iowa Straw poll, makes six stops in Iowa while Sam Brownback makes four.

Rudy Giuliani raises money in Sag Harbor while Mike Huckabee raises coin in Little Rock, Ark.

Sunday political highlights:

President Bush works on the "special relationship" when he welcomes UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown to Camp David at 5:55 pm ET.

Huckabee appears on "Fox Online with Jamie Colby," Richardson raises money in New York, and Tommy Thompson continues barnstorming across Iowa.

Monday political highlights:

Bush and Brown talk to the press at 11:25 am ET.

Fred Thompson holds a 5:00 pm ET fundraiser in Washington, DC, while the Thompson officially in the race – Tommy Thompson -- makes five stops across Iowa.

For his part, John McCain raises money in Pittsburgh, McLean, and DC.

As for the Democrats, Obama holds a town-hall meeting in Iowa while Richardson raises money in New Mexico. As mentioned above, Bill Clinton speaks to the DLC in Nashville.


ABC News' Jake Tapper: Gay Debate LINK

ABC News' Jan Simmonds: "Giuliani Unlikely to Attend YouTube Debate" LINK


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