The Note's Sneak Peek:

Fred Thompson has been able to avoid putting his fundraising and spending numbers under the media's giant microscope by going the testing-the-waters route rather than by filing with the FEC.

But tomorrow, the campaign will release an IRS report detailing its contributions and expenditures through June 30, the first official glimpse at hard evidence that may back up, or knock down, some of the hype built around the former senator and actor this summer.

Thompson has been on the fundraising circuit since June 4th, with the launch of the "Friends of Fred Thompson" committee, and ABC News' Christine Byun reports that he is nearing a dozen total fundraising events since then.

Thompson is expected to report raising $3 million dollars in the month of June for his potential presidential bid, per Politico's Mike Allen. LINK

Monday night, Thompson is expected to pop in for a quick hello at a closed press fundraiser in downtown Washington, DC. On the host committee list – notables like Sens. Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., Bob Corker R-Tenn., and former Senate Majority Leader Dr. Bill Frist R-Tenn. Approximately 300-350 people are expected to attend at $1000 a head, ABC News' Byun reports.

As for his plans on Tuesday, Thompson attends a fundraiser in Newport Beach, CA at 8:30 pm ET.

Rudy Giuliani delivers a 10:00 am ET health care address at a town hall in Rochester, New Hampshire followed by a press conference in Norwalk, CT at 3:15 pm ET.

The speech will lay out a broad set of principles that Giuliani will continue to address and expand upon through the primary season, campaign staffers said on a preview press call Monday, but reporters expecting a massive briefing book of specifics will be disappointed.

Giuliani favors individual health insurance and opposes employer and individual mandates. He also wants a $15,000 tax deduction.

ABC News' Jake Tapper reports that Giuliani staffers said the remarks tomorrow are more about a guiding set of principles, including empowering individuals and not government bureaucrats, respecting states as places where innovation occurs, limiting the role of the federal government to helping the market work more effectively, and creating a mandate-free health care delivery system that builds on what currently exists. LINK

A gaggle of health care policy advisors chimed in on the call, including former Indianapolis Mayor Steve Goldsmith, one of the original self-styled "compassionate conservatives," and former Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Dr. Mark McClellan.

But they shied away from discussing key elements voters will likely want to know more about -- such as whether the mayor's proposal would include mental health care parity or whether he would support allowing the federal government to use its purchasing power to negotiate lower drug prices for the Medicare prescription drug benefit, which is currently banned, Tapper notes.

Mitt Romney hosts an 11:30 am ET media availability with Virginia Lt. Governor Bill Bolling at the Omni Hotel in Richmond, VA.

John McCain raises campaign coin in Cleveland and Cincinnati.

Sam Brownback is in the Hawkeye state, stopping in Johnston, before heading to Ames to shoot firearms and discuss gun rights at a firing range. Brownback delivers a "major speech" on Iraq in Des Moines at 6:00 pm ET.

As for the Democrats…

Hillary Clinton travels to Iowa for 9:00 pm ET remarks to the Iowa State Education Association Summer Conference in Storm Lake.

Barack Obama tends to his Senate businesses in Washington, DC.

John Edwards and Bill Richardson have no public events.

Bill Clinton is in New York for evening remarks at the Clinton Foundation Millennium Network event. R&B singer John Legend performs.

Joe Biden releases his book "Promises to Keep: On Life and Politics." The senator also makes an appearance on NBC's "Today."

Chris Dodd's presidential campaign gets help from Senator Ted Kennedy's eldest son Tedd Kennedy, Jr. on the trail in Iowa, Ankery, Indianola, and Des Moines.

Vice President Cheney appears on CNN's "Larry King Live" at 9:00 pm ET.

After spending his Monday schmoozing with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, President Bush has no public schedule.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales delivers 9:00 am ET remarks at the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force and Asset Forfeiture Program National Leadership Conference at the Washington Hilton.

The House votes on the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act and FEMA Administrator David Paulison testifies before the Henry Waxman House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform's 10:00 am ET meeting.

House Republicans hold a 9:00 am ET closed meeting at Cannon Caucus Room.

Steny Hoyer will hold his regular pen and pad briefing at 11:30 am ET in his office on the Hill.

House Democratic Leaders hold a 1:00 pm ET media availability in the House Radio-TV Gallery.


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