The Note's Must-Reads

Chief Justice Roberts:

Associated Press' Mark Sherman: "Chief Justice Roberts Suffers Seizure" LINK

Washington Post's Robert Barnes and Michael D. Shear: "Chief Justice Suffers Seizure" LINK

Senator Stevens:

ABC News' Jason Ryan: "FBI, IRS Search Home of Senator Ted Stevens" LINK

New York Times' Philip Shenon: "Alaska Home of Senator Is Raided by U.S. Agents" LINK

New York Times' Dan Eggen and Paul Kane: "Alaska Senator's Home Is Raided" LINK

Roll Call's John Stanton: "Watchdog Seeks Stevens' Temporary Removal From Committees" LINK


ABC News' Jake Tapper: "Candidates as Victims?" LINK

New York Times' Judith Warner: "'24' as Reality Show" LINK

2008: Republicans: Giuliani:

Wall Street Journal's John Harwood: "Giuliani to Pitch Health-Insurance Tax Break" LINK

New York Sun's Seth Gitell: "Giuliani Wants a Probe of Spitzer" LINK

Associated Press' Philip Elliott: "Giuliani bashes Dems on taxes" LINK

Vanity Fair's Judy Bachrach: "Giuliani's Princess Bride" LINK

2008: Republicans: Thompson:

ABC News' Teddy Davis: "Did Fred Thompson Take 'Fair Tax' Pledge?" LINK

Washington Post's Richard Cohen: "Thompson on Horseback" LINK

New York Times' Susan Saulny and David Kirkpatrick: "Fred Thompson Came Up Short in June Money" LINK

2008: Republicans: Brownback:

Politico's Roger Simon: "Power of prayer takes on power of money" LINK

2008: Democrats:

New York Times' Steven Greenhouse: "Democrats' Field Creates Pleasant Predicament for Unions" LINK

New York Times' David Brooks: "Edwards, Obama and the Poor" LINK

2008: Democrats: Clinton:

New York Times' Jodi Kantor: "A Second Stint as First Daughter?" LINK

2008: Democrats: Obama:

Chicago Sun-Times' Lynn Sweet: "Oprah's mansion bash for Obama sold out" LINK

Washington Post's Eugene Robinson: "Obama and the 'They' Sayers" LINK

Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni: "Obama walks a fine line to avoid black stereotyping" LINK

Dallas Morning News' Gromer Jeffers Jr.: "In visit to Dallas, Obama stands by diplomacy view" LINK

New York Newsday's James P. Pinkerton: "Obama means to change foreign policy" LINK

Des Moines Register's Jason Clayworth: "Obama touts himself as reformer" LINK

2008: Democrats: Edwards:

The State's Aaron Gould Sheinin: "Edwards staying positive" LINK

2008: Democrats: Richardson:

Nashua Telegraph's Albert McKeon: "Trailing in cash, polls, Richardson pounds pavement" LINK

2008: Primaries:

Detroit Free Press' Dawson Bell: "Bill calls for parties to share a primary" LINK

2008: The YouTube Snowman:

Wall Street Journal's Amy Schatz: "Snowman Video In YouTube Debate Chills Some Politicos" LINK

New York Times' Adam Nagourney: "2008 Republican Field Shuns The Snowman" LINK


Washington Post's Dan Balz and Chris Cillizza: "Clyburn: Positive Report by Petraeus Could Split House Democrats on War" LINK

The Hill's Manu Raju: "Lieberman escalates attack on Iraq critics" LINK

Bush & Brown:

USA Today's David Jackson: "Bush, Brown pledge to fight terrorism" LINK

Washington Times' Joseph Curl: "New British leader backs Bush on Iraq" LINK

Time Magazine's Brian Bennett: "Brown and Bush: Looking for Daylight" LINK


Washington Post's David Ignatius: "Sept. 10 in Waziristan" LINK


Washington Post's Ruth Marcus: "Short of Perjury" LINK

ABC News' Jennifer Duck: "Cheney Disregards Judiciary Chairman's Views of Gonzales" LINK


Washington Times' Ralph Z. Hallow: "GOP resolution rejects amnesty for illegal aliens" LINK


Washington Post's Dan Eggen: "Cheney Disputes Libby Verdict, Voices Support for Gonzales" LINK


Wall Street Journal's Brody Mullins and Sarah Lueck: "Democrats Lose Zeal for Raising Hedge-Fund Tax" LINK

The Hill's Jim Snyder: "Storm of bills before calm of Aug. recess" LINK