Sneak Peek: Either You Love Her or You Don't


Either you love her or you don't -- that's how John Edwards summed up Hillary Clinton during a Wednesday appearance on "Hardball."

"I think the reality is people in this country either love Hillary Clinton or they don't and that's just the way she is in many ways through no fault of her own, and I think that's what Obama was talking about," Edwards told MSNBC's Chris Matthews via satellite from Iowa where he is on a bus trip.

Asked if he would go into Pakistan a la Barack Obama over President Musharraf's wishes, Edwards said he would go after Bin Laden wherever he is. Asked if he was with Obama, Edwards distorted Obama's position, saying, "I think he's talked about sending large number of troops into Pakistan."

Keying off of Edwards' Wednesday decision to redirect resources from the Silver State to other early states, the RNC had some fun at Edwards' "Iowa or bust" strategy in a "Leaving Las Vegas" missive to reporters.

On the Republican side of the aisle, a Rudy Giuliani rival undermined the former New York's mayor's credibility on immigration by sending a YouTube video to Election Central which contrasts his current vow to end illegal immigration with his 1996 claim at Harvard's Kennedy School that "we're never, ever going to be able to totally control immigration to a country that is as large as ours …"

The Republican field. . .

Mitt Romney travels to West Virginia for a 12:00 pm ET appearance at the West Virginia State Fair in Fairlea. After that, the former governor makes his way to New Hampshire for a 6:00 pm ET "Ask Mitt Anything" town hall in heads to Londonderry.

Rudy Giuliani campaings across the Granite State. He delivers 9:30 am ET remarks in Derry before visiting local residents in Pelham, Hudson and Nashua.

John McCain is in New York City promoting his new book "Hard Call" on the talk show circuit. He'll make appearances on Comedy Central "The Daily Show," "Charlie Rose" and CNN's "Larry King"

Sam Brownback makes himself available to South Carolina locals and the press in Greenville and Spartanburg.

As for the Democrats. . .

Hillary Clinton is in Chappaqua, N.Y. with no public events.

Barack Obama and his family take their bus to Council Bluffs, for 10:15 am ET policy discussion, before a lunchtime potluck in Atlantic and a turn at the State Fair in Des Moines 5:15 am ET. (We'll be waiting with great anticipation for that appearance on the "Tyra Banks Show")

Edwards and family continue their bus trip traveling to Grundy Center, Ames, The State Fair in Des Moines (so he can stand on the Register's Soapbox), Oskaloosa and Ottumwa.

Chris Dodd is in the Hawkeye State for a stop in Marshalltown before heading to Des Moines for a 3:00 pm ET "major policy speech" on education at the Community College. His evening ends with fundraiser.

Joe Biden is in Iowa too for meetings with local Democrat groups in Independence and Manchester.

Continuing his week in Iowa, Governor Richardson is set to deliver a 1:45 ET speech in Cedar Rapids, on his plan to strengthen the US economy through job creation, ABC News' Sarah Amos reports. The speech, to the local electrical workers union, is sure to draw on Richardson's successes with New Mexico's unemployment rate. Richardson also continues his Presidential Job Interview series with an 8:15 ET event in Fairfield, IA. 

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