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But MySpace and MTV are set to make up for the tragic shortage of candidate forums. Each candidate will get an hour. "Voters can instant-message, e-mail or text their questions in real-time during the events, which will be webcast live on and," per the AP's Jake Coyle.

Rep. Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., plans to resign his seat in November, setting up a special election early next year that could give Democrats a better chance to pick up the former House speaker's seat, Robert Novak writes in the Evans-Novak Political Report. "If one party is seeing a more competitive presidential primary by that date, it could benefit from boosted turnout," Novak writes. "The presence of Illinois Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) on the primary ballot could help Democrats."

Take a breath here. Joe Trippi says Karl Rove is attacking Hillary Clinton because he's really afraid of John Edwards -- just like Rove and company attacked John Kerry in early 2004 because he was afraid of -- that's right -- John Edwards! This from Trippi (who back in 2004 wanted everyone to believe that Republicans were most afraid of Howard Dean): "Rove and the Republicans want our opponents to win -- because they know John will be the strongest candidate in the general election." If you're still with us, then you would definitely give the Edwards campaign the money they're asking for (or maybe you'll just enjoy the "South Park"-ish Rove running away from the Edwards campaign bus).

The kicker:

"Run or keep your mouth shut! . . . If you want to bash people, jump into the pool. We're waiting for you." -- Guy Molinari, New York co-chairman for the Giuliani presidential campaign, after former senator Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., attacked Rudy's position on gun control.

"You know, what I did think about though was invading a smaller country . . . " -- Obama, asked by Jon Stewart if he thought about making up for his lack of experience by trying to run a smaller country first.

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