SNEAK PEEK: Clinton Does Letterman

The Note's Sneak Peek is not about today or yesterday.

It's about tomorrow and the next day.

So, with that in mind, and with Hillary Clinton set to appear Thursday on Letterman, we'll sidestep the Chris Matthews discussion of "Subprime Republican Morality" in offering...

Top Ten Things Hillary Clinton Won't Say on Letterman:

10. "If the Hsu fits, tap it."

9. "If you can't run your own house, run for the White House."

8. "I think it reminds us of Mark Foley and Bill Clinton."

7. "I have said publicly no option should be off the table, but I would certainly take nuclear weapons off the table."

6. "To know me is to love me."

5. "I've got a crush on Obama."

4. "Lobbyists? They have feelings, too, Dave."

3. "That vote on Iraq?  Whoops."

2. "Let me tell you how I would get to universal coverage."

1. "When it comes to health care, I have a wide stance, Dave, and I have the scars to show for it."

As for the other Democrats …

On the heels of his endorsement from the nation's firefighters union, Chris Dodd heads to Iowa with IAFF President Harold Schaitberger for a 10:00 am endorsement event in Iowa City, followed by a 2:00 pm ET visit to Des Moines, and a 5:30 pm ET speech in Council Bluffs. On Wednesday, Dodd reacted to the Craig situation by telling CNN: "give him a little space here to defend himself."

John Edwards is in New Hampshire for a house party in Mount Vernon where he will be joined by his wife Elizabeth at 2:00 pm ET before heading down to South Carolina where he takes part in the Spartanburg County Annual Democratic BBQ and Rally at 6:00 pm ET.

While she is in New Hampshire, Elizabeth Edwards will also promote the "Graniteroots for John Edwards" effort to collect school supplies. She has a house party at 10:15 am ET and press availability in Bow, a school drop off at 12:15 am ET in Manchester followed by a teachers round table, and another 1:00 pm ET press availability.

Joe Biden takes part in the SEIU's Walk-A-Day program walking a day in the shoes of Marshall Clemons, a school custodian. . The senator holds a 4:45 pm ET press avail in Cedar Rapids at the end of his day.

Bill Richardson, who said Wednesday that he needs to beat one of the Big Three in Iowa, holds a private fundraising event in New Mexico.

Barack Obama, meanwhile, continues his vacation.

As for the Republicans…

John McCain, who called on Larry Craig to resign Wednesday, raises money in Arizona. LINK

Mitt Romney makes his way to the Palmetto State where he holds an "Ask Mitt Anything" event in Myrtle Beach, followed by a media avail in North Charleston, followed by more "Ask Mitt Anything" events in North Charleston and Columbia. His wife, Ann raises campaign coin in South Burlington, Vermont.

Rudy Giuliani has no public events.

Mike Huckabee, who went after Larry Craig, Mitt Romney, and Fred Thompson in a CBN interview with Dave Brody, spends Thursday raising money in Little Rock.

Having just returned from Iraq, Reps. Kendrick Meek, Jason Altmire, and Michael Arcuri hold a news conference at 10:00 am ET in the House Radio/TV gallery.

President Bush is in Washington with no public schedule

Have a great holiday weekend!

The Note's Sneak Peek, The Note's Must Reads, and The Note will not publish again until Tuesday, Sept. 4. Happy Labor Day!

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