The Note's Must-Reads

Senator Craig:

Roll Call's David M. Drucker and Emily Pierce: "Craig Voices Doubts on Exit in Voicemail" LINK

Associated Press' John Miller: "Craig reconsiders decision to resign" LINK

New York Times' Carl Hulse and William Yardley: "Craig Said to Consider Not Resigning" LINK

Washington Post's Paul Kane: "Craig Considers Remaining In Senate During Legal Battle" LINK

Politico's Jim VandeHei and Carrie Budoff Brown: "Republicans Outraged, Will Push Craig to Step Down" LINK

Politico's Carrie Budoff: "Craig Advisers Say its Ploy to Help Legal Case" LINK

2008: Tonight's Republican Debate:

Union Leader's Clynton Namuo: "Hume: Second-stringers have most to gain in debate tonight" LINK

2008: Republicans:

Wall Street Journal's Jackie Calmes: "Republican Forecast: Cloudy" LINK

2008: Republicans: Giuliani:

ABC News' Jan Simmonds: "Giuliani Campaign Hits Refresh" LINK

New York Daily News' David Saltonstall: "Giuliani's Web site posts link to Donna Hanover's radio show" LINK

2008: Republicans: Romney:

Boston Globe's Lisa Wangsness: "Democrats unveil a file on Romney" LINK

Concord Monitor's Lauren Dorgan: "Romney envisions Iraq without U.S." LINK

2008: Republicans: McCain:

New York Times' Michael Cooper: "McCain Attacks Foes on Security and Foreign Policy" LINK

Associated Press' Philip Elliott: "NH high school course not so easy for McCain" LINK

Concord Monitor's Margot Sanger-Katz: "McCain tempers calls for pullout" LINK

2008: Republicans: Thompson:

ABC News' Tahman Bradley and Christine Byun: "Thompson Talks Security, Unity, Prosperity in TV Message" LINK


Politico's David Mark: "Thompson has hill to climb, poll suggests" LINK

Washington Times' Stephen Dinan: "Thompson soft on illegals in Senate votes" LINK

2008: Republicans: Brownback:

Nashua Telegraph's Albert McKeon: "Brownback eyes Social Security change" LINK

2008: Democrats: Clinton:

New York Times' Mark Leibovich: "In Turmoil of '68, Clinton Found a New Voice" LINK

Quad City Times' Ed Tibbetts: "Clinton backer cries foul over treatment at RI labor picnic" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Peter Nicholas: "Clintons make the talk show rounds" LINK

Washington Post's David Segal: "Bill Clinton's Got What It Takes for 'Giving'" LINK

Des Moines Register's Thomas Beaumont: "Clinton battles 'distanced' perception" LINK

New York Post's Geoff Earle: "HILL'S VICE? NO DICE: BILL" LINK

New York Daily News' David Saltonstall: "Bill Clinton - and Hillary - to be convention delegates" LINK

2008: Democrats: Obama:

Washington Post's Matthew Mosk: "The Magic Touch?" LINK

Wall Street Journal's Neil King Jr.: "Obama Tones Foreign-Policy Muscle" LINK

Chicago Sun-Times' Abdon M. Pallasch: "'Ruthless' for Obama" LINK

New York Post's Charles Hurt: "OBAMA'S 'MOB-TIE' $IDEKICK" LINK

2008: Democrats: Edwards:

ABC News' Raelyn Johnson: "Going for Green, Edwards Fundraises in Red" LINK

2008: Democrats: Biden:

ABC's Brian Wheeler: "Biden to Iraq Tonight" LINK

2008: Bloomberg?

New York Sun's Jill Gardiner: "Could President Bloomberg Keep His Company?" LINK

2008: Early States:

USA Today's Richard Wolf: "Early primary pressure mounts" LINK

Concord Monitor's Sarah Liebowitz: "Florida, Michigan Democrats stoke primary defiance" LINK

New York Times' Sarah Wheaton: "G.O.P. Warns on Early Contests" LINK

Charlotte Observer editorial: "Primary concerns" LINK

2008: South Carolina:

Savannah Morning News' Kirsten Singleton: "Presidential candidates to step up S.C. efforts this fall" LINK

2008: Michigan:

Detroit Free Press' Dawson Bell: "Now, will Democrats show up?" LINK

Detroit News' Gordon Trowbridge: "Dems squabble over primary" LINK

Detroit Free Press' Brian Dickerson: "Michigan fuels a political revolution" LINK

2008: Florida:

South Florida Sun-Sentinel's William Gibson: "Democratic candidates may skip campaigning in Florida" LINK

The News-Press' Bill Cotterell: "DNC sniping benefits GOP, Fla. Dems say" LINK

St. Petersburg Times editorial: "Democratic snub won't be forgotten" LINK

Palm Beach Post's S.V. Dáte and George Bennett: "Crist: Early presidential primary the 'right thing'" LINK


ABC News' Martha Raddatz: "Gen. Petraeus Preps for Much-Anticipated Iraq Progress Report" LINK

New York Times' David Sanger: "Bush Shifts Terms for Measuring Progress in Iraq" LINK

New York Times' David Herszenhorn: "Democrats Aim to Reframe Iraq Debate" LINK

Associated Press' Anne Flaherty: "GAO: Iraq Hasn't Met 11 of 18 Benchmarks" LINK

New York Sun's Eli Lake: "A GOP Senator Seeks Long Stay in Middle East" LINK

Vice President Cheney:

Washington Post's Dan Eggen and Peter Baker: "New Book Details Cheney Lawyer's Efforts to Expand Executive Power" LINK


Washington Times' S.A. Miller: "Murtha shows an appetite for pork" LINK

2000 Recount:

Union Leader's John Distaso: "Did Souter cry over 2000 recount vote?" LINK