The Note's Must-Reads


9/11: Six Years Later:

Associated Press' Amy Westfeldt: "Tensions weigh on Sept. 11 anniversary" LINK

Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni: "Democratic hopefuls shun 'war on terror' label" LINK

The State's Greg Gordon: "EXCLUSIVE: Could notebook have prevented 9/11?"



ABC News' Jonathan Karl and Jennifer Parker: "Day of Reckoning for Bush's Iraq Strategy" LINK

ABC News' Jake Tapper: " Ad Takes Aim at Petraeus" LINK

New York Times' By David Cloud and Thom Shanker: "Petraeus Warns Against Quick Pullback in Iraq" LINK

New York Times' Michael Gordon: "General Proposes Bigger Role in Protecting Iraqis" [Analysis] LINK

Newsweek's Michael Hirsh: "The General as Salesman" LINK

Time's Mark Thompson: "Petraeus Can't Heal the Iraq Divide" LINK

USA Today's Susan Page: "A tense hearing, with no sign of consensus on the war" LINK

Washington Post's Peter Baker and Jonathan Weisman: "Petraeus Backs Initial Pullout" LINK

Washington Post's Karen DeYoung and Thomas E. Ricks: "The General's Long View Could Cut Withdrawal Debate Short" LINK

Washington Post's Dana Milbank: "The General Does Battle With . . . a Broken Mike" LINK

Chicago Tribune's Jill Zuckman: "General sees Iraq progress" LINK

Chicago Tribune's Michael Tackett: "Calm of Petraeus' delivery met by cloud of skepticism" LINK

Boston Globe's Michael Kranish: "Petraeus sees 2008 troop cut but long road to Iraq stability" LINK

Boston Globe's E.J. Dionne Jr.: "The Petraeus challenge" LINK

George Will: "A War Still Seeking a Mission" LINK


Associated Press' Alan Fram: "Poll: Most see Iraq war as failure" LINK

Politico's Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin: "Iraq progress could be major '08 factor" LINK

Associated Press' Anne Flaherty: "GOP Support for Iraq War on Shaky Ground" LINK

2008: Republicans: Giuliani:

New York Times' Marc Santora and Dalia Sussman: "In Poll, Voters See Strengths and Flaws in Giuliani" LINK

Concord Monitor's Joelle Farrell: "Firefighters challenge Giuliani image" LINK

Associated Press: "Mob fascinated Rudy even pre-'Sopranos'" LINK

2008: Republicans: Romney:

Boston Globe's Michael Levenson: "Burglars hit Romney's headquarters" LINK

Boston Herald's Michele McPhee: "Thief got mitts on ex-gov's stuff" LINK

2008: Republicans: Thompson:

Associated Press' Jim Davenport: "Thompson: Due Process for Bin Laden" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Michael Finnegan: "Thompson adjusts his Bin Laden comments again" LINK

New York Times' Michael Luo: "Romney Campaign Tied to Anti-Thompson Site" LINK

2008: Republicans: McCain:

Arizona Republic's Dan Nowicki: "McCain showing a political pulse" LINK

2008: Democrats: Clinton:

ABC News' Lara Jakes Jordan: "Clinton to Return $850,000 Raised by Hsu" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Robin Fields: "Clinton to cut ties with fundraiser" LINK

New York Times' Patrick Healy: "Clinton to Return Money Linked to Fund-Raiser" LINK

Washington Post's John Solomon and Anne E. Kornblut: "Clinton's Campaign To Return $850,000" LINK

Wall Street Journal's Brody Mullins: "Clinton to Return Cash Hsu Raised" LINK

2008: Democrats: Edwards:

ABC News' Raelyn Johnson: "Edwards: Less Glitz and Glamour, More Hammer and Nails" LINK

Dallas Morning News' Robert Garrett: "Edwards tops Texas Democrats' straw poll" LINK

2008: Democrats: Dodd:

ABC News' Donna Hunter: "Chris Dodd -- 'My Father's Narrative'" LINK

2008: The Latino Vote:

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