SNEAK PEEK: Obama Iraq Speech in Clinton, IA


Now that we have heard the testimony of Gen. Petraeus and Amb. Crocker on Capitol Hill and marked the sixth anniversary of the attacks of Sept. 11 with moments of silence and remembrance, the attention turns back to the campaign trail with Iraq still at the top of the agenda.

Barack Obama is the first candidate out of the gate after the Petraeus/Crocker hearings. He delivers a major policy speech on Iraq on Wednesday at 2:00 pm ET at Ashford University in Clinton, Iowa.

("Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes." LINK )

In his remarks Obama is expected to announce new policy proposal on troop levels and withdrawal from Iraq as well as what to do about with the humanitarian crisis there.

The speech location means that every political reporters' first line will look something like this:

CLINTON, Iowa – Sen. Barack Obama….

(And imagine the headline possibilities!)

Obama later heads to Davenport, Iowa for a town hall meeting at 7:15 pm ET where the focus will again be Iraq.

All eight Democratic candidates take part in the Huffington Post/Slate/Yahoo! "Candidate Mashup" forum on Wednesday, shooting from wherever they are on the campaign trail.

Each candidate gets four questions from Charlie Rose - three will be the same for all eight candidates and the fourth will be candidate-specific.

The debate starts around 11 am ET and the candidates will basically go back-to-back-to-back with no time-limits on their answers. But you will have to wait until Thursday morning to see the results – video will be posted on Yahoo!'s "Mashup" page.

As for the rest of the day for the Democrats… Hillary Clinton and husband Bill (the former prez) attend a luncheon at the Washington, D.C. house of Clinton campaign's national co-chair, Weldon Latham. Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley, NY Rep. Charlie Rangel and New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo are expected to attend, reports ABC News' Eloise Harper.

Bill Richardson is in Texas for fundraising events starting at 7 pm ET.

John Edwards is in Chapel Hill, NC with no public events.

Joe Biden holds a pen-and-pad briefing at 1:15 pm ET on Capitol Hill to discuss his recent trip to Iraq and the testimony of Gen. Petraeus and Amb. Crocker.

Sen. Chris Dodd will "countdown" the reasons to buy his book with Keith Olberman on MSNBC starting at 8 pm ET.

Tivo Alert! You can catch House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's interview with ABC's Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America".


"The Rachael Ray Show" has an inside look at the Edwards campaign – or at least a look inside the refrigerator of the campaign's bus with Elizabeth Edwards, wife of former North Carolina senator John Edwards.

On the Republican side...

Rudy Giuliani hits the road for some retail campaigning in Akron, Ohio, Canonsburg, Pa., and Virginia Beach, Va.

Mitt Romney is in Texas for a 1:00 pm ET address to the Midland County Republican Women's Club. It's off to Dallas after that for a 5 pm ET late-lunch fundraiser and a dinner fundraiser at 7:30 pm ET. His wife Ann attends a 1:30 pm ET fundraiser in Salt Lake City.

Fred Thompson has no public events.

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