The Note's Must-Reads

2008: Republicans:

ABC News' JAKE TAPPER: "Christian Conservatives Weigh Abandoning GOP" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Michael Finnegan: "Christian right is split over GOP field" LINK

Union Leader's STEPHEN BEALE: "Right-to-life group hears from GOP candidates" LINK

Washington Post's Jonathan Capehart: "Pink Panic In the GOP" LINK

2008: Republicans: Gingrich Out:

Wall Street Journal's CHRISTOPHER COOPER: "Gingrich Won't Toss Hat in Ring" LINK

Washington Times' Eric Pfeiffer: "'Chance to win" LINK

Associated Press': "Gingrich Says He'd Have Been a Contender" LINK

USA Today's Richard Wolf: "Gingrich, Clinton agree on leading candidates" LINK

2008: Republicans: Giuliani:

New York Times' DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK: "Giuliani Inspires Threat of a Third-Party Run" LINK

New York Times' MARC SANTORA: "Campaign Swing Reveals Trouble Spots for Giuliani" LINK

Politico's Jonathan Martin: "Social conservatives may back 3rd party over Rudy" LINK

New York Magazine's John Heilemann: "General Alarm for Rudy" LINK


2008: Republicans: McCain:

Associated Press' GLEN JOHNSON: "McCain buoyed by polls, fundraising" LINK

Union Leader's MIKE KALIL: "McCain pushes Social Security, energy reform" LINK

Associated Press: "McCain: I'd Prefer Christian President" LINK

2008: Republicans: Romney:

Newsweek's Jonathan Darman and Lisa Miller: "Mitt's Mission" LINK

Boston Herald's: "Mitt: History will be kind to Bush - partially" LINK

Salon's Michael Scherer: "Mitt Romney's money machine" LINK

2008: Republicans: Thompson:

ABC News' Christine Byun: "Thompson Raises More Than $8 Million in Q3" LINK

ABC News' Christine Byun: "John Rich Joins Thompson on the Trail" LINK

Rocky Mountain News' M.E. Sprengelmeyer: "Thompson meeting skepticism" LINK

Washingon Post's Howard Kurtz: "Out-of-Town Critics Too Tough On Thompson?" LINK

Boston Globe's Michael Kranish: "Early crisis led to dramatic turnaround" LINK

Des Moines Register's THOMAS BEAUMONT: "Unique gay-marriage plan draws lukewarm response" LINK

2008: Republicans: Huckabee:

The Hill's Klaus Marre: "Bill Clinton, Gingrich agree on Huckabee as GOP dark horse" LINK

Concord Monitor's MELANIE ASMAR: "A day of preaching, not politics" LINK

2008: Democrats:

Washington Post's Alec MacGillis: "Candidates Don't Count Unions Out" LINK

Union Leader editorial: "Gravel's got to go: Get the mad uncle off the stage" LINK

Associated Press' ANDREW MIGA: "Kennedy Faces Tough Choice in 2008 Race" LINK

2008: Democrats: Clinton:

Politico's Mike Allen and John F. Harris: "Clinton hits turbulence" LINK

New York Sun's RUSSELL BERMAN: "Clinton Turns on Clinton on Free Trade" LINK

New York Magazine's Jennifer Senior: "The First: Female President, Male First Lady, Former President in the White House" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Dan Morain: "Bay Area gives Clinton a boost" LINK

ABC News' MARY BRUCE: "Bill Clinton: Hillary 'Will Be ... the Decider'" LINK

New York Daily News' MICHAEL McAULIFF: "Torture like Jack Bauer's would be OK, Bill Clinton says" LINK

The Independent's Leonard Doyle: "Clinton's cackle may give opponents the last laugh" LINK

New York Times' Brian Knowlton: "The Other Clinton Heard From" LINK

Washington Post's Editorial: "Sen. Clinton's Empty Table" LINK

Washington Times' Donald Lambro: "Game, set, match . . . for Hillary?" LINK

Boston Globe's J.M. Lawrence: "Clinton woos supporters for Tsongas" LINK


2008: Democrats: Obama:

New York Times' CHRISTOPHER DREW and RAYMOND HERNANDEZ: "Loyal Network Backs Obama After His Help" LINK

Boston Globe's Scott Helman: "Obama's backers insist polls belie a buzz they see on trail" LINK

Washington Times' Brian DeBose: "Obama revises plan on tax cuts" LINK

2008: Democrats: Edwards:

Chicago Tribune's Jim Tankersley: "Edwards' strategy: Win early" LINK

2008: Democrats: Richardson:

Associated Press: "Richardson Has Solid Fundraising Quarter" LINK

2008: Democrats: Dodd:

Bloomberg's Margaret Carlson: "Shrunken Head Fuels Courtroom Drama in Dodd's Nuremberg Letters" LINK

Hartford Courant's Bill Curry: "Dodd's Book Reveals A Father To Follow" LINK

Des Moines Register's JOLENE STEVENS: "Dodd offers his plans for rural revitalization" LINK

2008: Bloomberg?

New York Sun's JILL GARDINER: "Mayor Talks of Fiscal 'Lunacy': In England, He Derides Deficit-Friendly Conservatives" LINK

2008: Fundraising:

Time's KAREN TUMULTY: "Show Us the Money" LINK

Washington Post's Matthew Mosk: "Hints of Strong Fundraising Emerge" LINK

2008: Early States:

USA Today's Judy Keen: "Candidates pass up Iowa's littlest county" LINK

Boston Globe's David D'Alessandro: "Massachusetts - a primary pit stop" LINK

2008: Political Ads

USA Today: "Clinton, Romney strategists face off on ads" LINK

Supreme Court:

New York Times' LINDA GREENHOUSE: "Justices Begin Work on a Polarizing New Docket" LINK

Washington Post's Robert Barnes: "Supreme Court to Take On Contentious Cases in New Term" LINK

Associated Press': "Some major cases ahead for this term" LINK

Wall Street Journal's JESS BRAVIN: "New Issues, Familiar Battles" LINK

Justice Thomas:

ABC News' Jan Crawford Greenburg: "Justice Clarence Thomas Speaks Out" LINK

New York Sun's NICHOLAS WAPSHOTT: "Justice Thomas's Remarks May Impact Race in 2008" LINK

USA Today's Joan Biskupic: "Thomas memoir tries to clear 'untruths' about him" LINK


Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman: "Taxes, Health Lead Hill Agenda" LINK