The Note's Must-Reads


2008: Republicans:

New York Times' PATRICK HEALY: "G.O.P. Contenders Endorse Health Insurance Veto" LINK

Washington Times' Ralph Z. Hallow: "Religious right aims 'to hurt' GOP" LINK

ABC News' JAKE TAPPER: "GOP Front-Runners in Attack Mode on Taxes and Spending" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Michael Finnegan: "Romney, Giuliani sharpen their rivalry" LINK

Des Moines Register's TOM WITOSKY: "Romney, McCain report on funds" LINK

2008: Republicans: Giuliani:

New York Times' MICHAEL POWELL: "Giuliani Pulled No Punches on the Radio" LINK

Washington Post's Matthew Mosk: "Giuliani Leads GOP 3rd-Quarter Money Race" LINK

Chicago Tribune's Rick Pearson: "Giuliani assails Clinton on health care plan" LINK

ABC News' TAHMAN BRADLEY: "Giuliani Emerges Top Dog in GOP Pack" LINK

ABC News' TEDDY DAVIS: "Giuliani Ties Romney to 'HillaryCare'" LINK


Associated Press' JIM KUHNHENN: "Giuliani Raises $11 Million, Leads GOP" LINK

Nashua Telegraph's KEVIN LANDRIGAN: "Faith hot topic for Giuliani in city visit" LINK

2008: Republicans: McCain:

Associated Press' JIM DAVENPORT: "McCain Jokes About Greenspan's Clout" LINK

2008: Republicans: Romney:

New York Times' MICHAEL LUO: "Romney Criticizes Giuliani on Fiscal and Social Issues" LINK

Associated Press': "Romney Ad: Pledge Not to Raise Taxes" LINK

Wall Street Journal's MARY JACOBY: "Romney's Deep Pockets Offer Edge Over Giuliani" LINK

Washington Post's Robert D. Novak: "Make-or-Break for Romney" LINK

Washington Times' Joseph Curl: "Romney stumbles in money race" LINK

Boston Globe's Michael Kranish: "Romney increases overtures to disenchanted evangelicals" LINK

Boston Globe's Scott Helman: "Romney writes himself another check" LINK

Associated Press': "GOP gay group hopes ad sours right with Romney" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Dan Morain: "Romney spends to win GOP funds race" LINK

Politico's Jonathan Martin and Mike Allen: "Romney attacks Giuliani on economy" LINK

USA Today's Fredreka Schouten: "Romney's cash lead fueled by own fortune" LINK

Union Leader's SUZANNE BATES: "Romney touts experience assisting the private sector" LINK

Concord Monitor's LAUREN R. DORGAN: "Romney has Giuliani campaign in his sights" LINK

Bloomberg's Kristin Jensen and Jonathan D. Salant: "Romney's Bain Capital Fortune Dominates Republican Money Race" LINK

2008: Republicans: Thompson:

New York Times' Michael Luo: "Thompson Raises $9.3 Million This Quarter" LINK

2008: Democrats:

Associated Press': "Florida Democrats sue party over primary" LINK

The State's Aaron Gould Sheinin: "S.C. Democrats pursuing earlier primary date" LINK

2008: Democrats: Biden:

Des Moines Register's ABBY SIMONS: "Biden plan expands preschool, college aid" LINK

Quad City Times' Dan Gearino: "Biden veers from speech, talks with students" LINK

2008: Democrats: Clinton:

New York Times' PATRICK HEALY and CORNELIA DEAN: "Clinton Says She Would Shield Science From Politics" LINK

New York Times' JIM RUTENBERG: "Clinton Renews Her Message of Health Care for All" LINK

Washington Post's Howard Kurtz: "Clinton on Giuliani's Turf" LINK

Washington Times' Donald Lambro: "Liberals slam Hillary over dodge tactics" LINK

Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni: "Hillary vows to rescind stem-cell research ban" LINK

Boston Globe's Scot Lehigh: "Clinton is far from 'inevitable'" LINK

Associated Press': "Clinton rips Bush record as distorting science facts" LINK

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