THE NOTE: Does Nobel Win Push Gore Toward ’08?


Gore will make his first post-Nobel public appearance at 1:30 pm ET in Palo Alto, Calif., at the offices of the Alliance for Climate Protection, ABC's Kate Snow reports.

Find out (in case it's hard to guess) why Al Gore is ABC's "Buzz Maker of the Week."

This is about Congress, not the race for the White House, but it's a different slice of the same (red) meat: Congressional Democrats are finding that their own worst enemies are part of the liberal base, David M. Herszenhorn of The New York Times reports.

"The tension between Democratic lawmakers and their base has been most visible on the Iraq war," he writes. "To the delight of Republicans, it has also played a role in a host of other issues, including a fight over increased fuel economy standards in the energy bill, and demands for more spending on environmental programs in the farm bill."

Former mayor Rudolph Giuliani, R-N.Y., had a pretty good week himself, punctuated by his debate exchange over Iran with former governor Mitt Romney, R-Mass.

He seemed energized and pleased with himself when he sat down with ABC's Jake Tapper to expand on his criticism of Romney's remark about checking with lawyers before responding to a nuclear threat from Iran.

"I think the governor knows he made a mistake," Giuliani told Tapper in South Carolina on Thursday. "You're faced with imminent attack on the United States, I don't think you call in the lawyers first. I think maybe the generals [are] the ones you call in first, they're the ones you want to talk to."

But, Tapper writes, "Giuliani's eyes only truly sparkled when making fun at the spending proposals offered by the Democratic presidential frontrunner."

Rudy's got a "Hillary list" -- and has worked up a whole comic riff centered on Clinton's spending proposals, including the "baby bonds, and now her new 401(k) proposal."

"And boy she's just begun," Giuliani said as the crowd's giggles subsided, per Tapper. "Hillary has just begun to spend your money."

And, on Friday, Rudy picks up the endorsement of former governor Tommy Thompson, R-Wis., who dropped his presidential candidacy after the Ames Straw Poll.

"Rudy Giuliani has shown that he is a true leader. He can and will win the nomination and the presidency," Thompson is to say, per ABC's Jan Simmonds.

Flashback to ABC's August debate: "I think any candidate that's pro-choice is going to have a difficulty with the party faithful and those individuals that have come to this district and the state and national meetings and have avowed time and time again that this party, the Republican Party, is a party of pro-life," Thompson said. "So anybody that's not pro-life is going to have difficulties. That's the question."

Mitt Romney (of Belmont, Mass.) attempts to clarify his Iran position in a letter to the editor of The Wall Street Journal, expressing disappointment with Thursday's sharply critical editorial.

"If there is any confusion, let me be very clear: As president I would not shrink from the use of military force when grave threats confront America," Romney writes. "At the same time, when time and circumstances permit, I would indeed seek the involvement of Congress as required by law and the Constitution."

And Romney's got a new ad up in Iowa where he outlines his commitment to defeating "this century's nightmare, Jihadism -- violent, radical Islamic fundamentalism."

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