THE NOTE: Rudy and Mitt's Nasty Fight

"To underscore their collaboration, the two organizations will announce today that they are jointly sponsoring Democratic and Republican presidential debates in New Hampshire on Jan. 5, three days before the primary election there," The New York Times' Brian Stelter reports.

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Also in the news:

Former senator John Edwards, D-N.C., is launching "America Belongs to Us" week -- an issue a day where he's promising new leadership from Washington. It's about the uninsured on Monday in New Hampshire -- and pay attention to see how it's also about his differences with Clinton and Obama.

"I will not play by the Washington establishment's rules, because I believe they have twisted the rules beyond recognition and rigged the system to benefit the few at the expense of the many," Edwards plans to say, per his campaign. "I will not compromise with the people who are powerful in Washington -- big oil, big insurance companies and big pharmaceutical companies -- because I do not believe they will ever compromise their profits or their power."

Is Edwards operating in anything of a John Kerry shadow, given all those Kerry-Edwards bumper stickers that are still floating around? Sorry -- who's John Kerry again?

"Edwards declined to discuss whether he would do anything differently as the party's presidential nominee based on what he saw as Kerry's running mate. He added that he rarely thinks about the four months they spent running together," the Des Moines Register's Tony Leys reports. Says Edwards, on the part of his record he'd rather not examine (or see examined for him): "I've made it a practice not to go back and analyze the campaign. I don't think there's anything to be gained from it. I don't."

Giuliani grabs the Newsweek cover -- and here's guessing the campaign won't be ordering reprints. Evan Thomas and Suzanne Smalley open with Rudy's antics at an anti-Dinkins rally and move through idolization of John F. Kennedy and past a rogue's gallery of friends and enemies in the Giuliani orbit.

"The real Rudy is probably as complex and certainly as passionate as the operatic Rudy who shows up at cop rallies. He can be hero or hypocrite or both at once; he has a ripe sense of his own, and his nation's, magnificence and destiny roughly on par with that of Winston Churchill's," Thomas and Smalley write. "The proximity of good and bad, even in Giuliani's own family, seems to have given rise to his inflexible public code but more relaxed personal one -- a bifurcation that will only become more important in the next 10 weeks or so."

Rudy is lining up some more big names in New Hampshire, per the Union Leader's John DiStaso, as he adds the endorsement on Monday by state Rep. David Hess to a list of supporters that now includes the mayor of Manchester, Frank Guinta.

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