The Note's Must-Reads

Pew Hispanic Center Poll:

New York Times' Julia Preston: "Poll Finds Hispanics Returning to Earlier Preference for Democrats" LINK

New York Sun's Sarah Garland: "Losses Among Hispanics May Threaten GOP's Future" LINK

2008: Republicans: Romney:

New York Times' Michael Luo: "Romney, Eye on Evangelicals, Defends His Faith" LINK

Washington Post's Dan Balz: "In Speech on Faith, Romney Vows to Serve 'No One Cause'" LINK

New York Times' David Brooks: "Faith vs. the Faithless" LINK

Washington Post's E. J. Dionne Jr.: "Boldness, Watered Down" LINK

Politico's Jonathan Martin: "Romney: I won't take orders from church" LINK

Wall Street Journal's Elizabeth Holmes and Suzanne Sataline: "Romney Address Wins Mixed Evangelical Reviews" LINK

Boston Globe's Michael Levenson: "Romney vows a balance on religion" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Miguel Bustillo, Stephanie Simon and Mark Z. Barabak: "Evangelicals may never take Romney on faith" LINK

USA Today's David Jackson: "Romney: There should be no religious test for presidency" LINK

Time's AMY SULLIVAN: "Romney's Risky Faith Gambit" LINK

Washington Times' Joseph Curl: "Romney takes independence vow" LINK

Washington Post's Michael Gerson: "Answering Critics -- and Kennedy" LINK

ABC News' Jake Tapper: "The First Mormon Presidential Candidate" LINK

Concord Monitor's LAUREN R. DORGAN: "Romney's faith speech moves few" LINK

Wall Street Journal's NAOMI SCHAEFER RILEY: "What Iowans Should Know About Mormons" LINK

Salt Lake Tribune's Thomas Burr: "Romney's Biggest Speech?" LINK

2008: Republicans: Huckabee:

USA Today's Fredreka Schouten: "Huckabee has fewer resources to fuel momentum" LINK

Associated Press: "Huckabee keeps faith views to himself" LINK

Time's DAVID VON DREHLE: "Why They Love Huckabee" LINK


Washington Post's Charles Krauthammer: "Huckabee Plays the Religion Card" LINK

2008: Republicans: Giuliani:

New York Daily News' Michael Saul, Heidi Evans and David Saltonstall: "Judith Nathan got security earlier" LINK

Boston Globe's Brian C. Mooney: "Group assails Giuliani comments on AIDS as 'hypocrisy'" LINK

New York Sun's NICHOLAS WAPSHOTT: "Sliding Poll Numbers Force Giuliani To Retool His Campaign" LINK

2008: Republicans: McCain:

Wall Street Journal's JUNE KRONHOLZ: "McCain's New Hampshire Glimmer" LINK

Associated Press: "On Iraq, McCain treads cautiously" LINK

2008: Republicans: Paul:

Politico's Kenneth P. Vogel: "Ron Paul blimp charts unprecedented course" LINK

The Nation's Christopher Hayes: "Ron Paul's Roots" LINK

2008: Republicans:

Union Leader's John DiStaso and Tom Fahey: "Push poll probe in NH continues" LINK

Salon's Joe Conason: "Romney and Huckabee's religious intolerance" LINK

2008: Democrats:

The Nation: "Will Clinton, Obama, Biden and Dodd Show for Key Farm Vote?" LINK

2008: Democrats: Clinton:

ABC News' Jung H. Song: "Get to Know Hillary Clinton" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Robin Abcarian: "The Clinton resisters" LINK

Concord Monitor's SARAH LIEBOWITZ: "Clinton: Silence is an asset" LINK

Houston Chronicle's PEGGY FIKAC: "Rove takes aim at Clinton during Austin event" LINK

2008: Democrats: Obama:

Boston Globe's LISA WANGSNESS: "Dukakis says Obama not capitalizing on grass roots" LINK

Bloomberg's Julianna Goldman: "Obama Campaign Seeks to Translate `Oprah Effect' to Politics" LINK

Chicago Sun Times' Jennifer Hunter: "Obama urges Iowa students to flood caucuses" LINK

New York Daily News' HELEN KENNEDY: "Demand soars for Oprah Winfrey's Barack Obama campaign rallies" LINK

2008: Democrats: Edwards:

ABC News' Raelyn Johnson: "Walking Down Memory Lane, Edwards Tells Students to Vote" LINK

USA Today's Martha T. Moore: "Edwards ad touts him as people's champion" LINK

The State's RODDIE BURRIS: "Edwards confident" LINK

Greenville News' Dan Hoover: "End the war, Edwards says on trip home" LINK

New York Times' Julie Bosman: "Express-ing Himself" LINK

2008: Democrats: Richardson:

New York Times' Leslie Wayne: "Vote for My Boss" LINK

2008: Early States:

Boston Globe's Scott Helman: "Getting out the college vote - when campuses are empty" LINK


New York Times' Megan Thee: "Cellphones Challenge Poll Sampling" LINK


Bloomberg's Christopher Stern: "Military Families Question Iraq War as Support for Bush Slips" LINK


Washington Times' Jon Ward: "NIE authors accused of partisan politics" LINK

The Grammy Goes to...

ABC News' Karen Travers: "Clinton vs. Obama...for a Grammy" LINK