The Note's Must-Reads

New York Times Poll:

New York Times' Adam Nagourney and Megan Thee: "Poll Finds G.O.P. Field Isn't Touching Voters" LINK

CNN-Opinion Research Poll:

Newsday's Craig Gordon: "Polls show Giuliani, Huckabee in dead heat" LINK

2008: Republicans: Huckabee:

Politico's Jeanne Cummings: "Huckabee support hinges on churches" LINK

New York Sun's NICHOLAS WAPSHOTT: "Embarrassments Dog Iowa Front-Runner Huckabee" LINK

The Hill's Jessica Holzer: "Trailing Romney, Huckabee goes door to door seeking gains in N.H." LINK

Associated Press: "Questions remain about rapist-turned-murderer" LINK

Washington Post: "Huckabee Talks Tough on Immigration" LINK

Washington Times: "Mike Huckabee" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Peter Wallsten: "Huckabee does a flip-flop on Cuba" LINK

Washington Times' Stephen Dinan: "Huckabee basks in 'emerging' success" LINK

2008: Republicans: Giuliani:

New York Times' Michael Cooper: "Giuliani on Homosexuality" LINK

Wall Street Journal's JONATHAN KAUFMAN: "Giuliani's Resiliency Is Latest" LINK

Associated Press: "Giuliani plays pollster" LINK

San Francisco Chronicle's Carla Marinucci: "Giuliani has advice for S.F. on dealing with the homeless" LINK

2008: Republicans: Romney:


2008: Republicans: McCain:

ABC News' RON CLAIBORNE: "Analysis: How McCain Could Still Win" LINK

The Hill's Klaus Marre: "McCain vows to fight climate change, energy dependence" LINK

New York Daily News' RICHARD SISK: "John McCain aims to be 'comeback kid'" LINK

2008: Republicans: Paul:

ABC News' John Stossel and Kristina Kendall: "Ron Paul Unplugged" LINK

Chicago Tribune's Jason George: "The Ron Paul revolution: It has just begun to fight" LINK

2008: Republicans: Thompson:

Union Leader's John DiStaso: "It's Iowa, not NH, for Thompson" LINK

2008: Republicans:

ABC News' Ed O'Keefe: "Romney Defends Faith Speech" LINK

New York Times' Leslie Wayne: "Romney Ad Hits Huckabee on Immigration" LINK

2008: Democrats: Obama:

Chicago Sun Times' Lynn Sweet: "Celebrity star power helps Obama raise campaign cash" LINK

New York Times' Jeff Zeleny: "Obama, Under the Clinton Microscope" LINK

Chicago Sun Times' RICHARD ROEPER: "Don't count out power of the Oprah Effect" LINK

2008: Democrats: Clinton:

Boston Globe's Peter S. Canellos: "Path to White House can be humbling" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Peter Nicholas: "Hillary Clinton, according to Bill" LINK

Associated Press: "Bill: Hillary Was Always the One" LINK

2008: Democrats: Edwards:

Washington Post's Sue Anne Pressley Montes: "Beyond the Run of the Mill" LINK

Washington Post's Robin Givhan: "Working It" LINK

Des Moines Register's TONY LEYS: "Edwards vows to stay positive as rivals tussle" LINK

Quad City Times: "Edwards launches eight-day bus tour" LINK

2008: Democrats: Kucinich:

Salon's Amanda Griscom Little: "The green philosophy of Dennis Kucinich" LINK

2008: Democrats:

Politico's Michael Calderone: "'Fox News Sunday' host feels burn" LINK


Des Moines Register's LISA ROSSI: "Candidates divided on need to cut college cost" LINK


Associated Press: "Bloomberg: a bachelor president?" LINK

Farm Bill:

Wall Street Journal: "Green Acres" LINK