The Note's Must-Reads

Bhutto Assassination:

Associated Press' DAVID ESPO: "Bhutto Death Roils US Presidential Race" LINK

Washington Post's Anne E. Kornblut and Shailagh Murray: "Clinton, Obama Seize on Killing" LINK

Washington Post's Juliet Eilperin: "McCain and Giuliani Point to Pakistan" LINK

Politico's Mike Allen and Jonathan Martin and Ben Smith: "Bhutto killing rocks '08 trail" LINK

Washington Times' Ralph Z. Hallow: "Slaying may boost Giuliani, McCain" LINK

Newsweek's Richard Wolffe: "Politics and the Pakistan Effect" LINK

Boston Globe's Peter S. Canellos and Marcella Bombardieri: "Terror debate could alter dynamics of primaries" LINK

2008: Polls:

Bloomberg's Heidi Przybyla and Julianna Goldman: "Obama's Character, Clinton's Experience Split Early-Vote States" LINK

Bloomberg's Matthew Benjamin: "Huckabee Leads in Iowa, Romney in New Hampshire, Survey Shows" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Janet Hook: "Obama catches Clinton in N.H.; Iowa remains a 3-way contest" LINK

2008: Countdown to Iowa:

Associated Press' MIKE GLOVER: "Presidential Hopefuls Boil Down Pitches" LINK

New York Times' PATRICK HEALY: "Iowa Saturated by Political Ads" LINK

Chicago Sun Times' ABDON PALLASCH and LYNN SWEET: "Front-runners' families fanning out across Iowa" LINK

Time's MICHAEL SCHERER: "Republicans Battle for Iowa Bronze" LINK

Des Moines Register's David Yepsen: "3rd place: Disaster or boost, depending on party" LINK

Dallas Morning News' Gromer Jeffers Jr: "With caucus days away, crunch time for hopefuls" LINK

2008: Republicans: Romney:

Boston Herald's Casey Ross: "Probe: Mitt missed chance to keep Tavares jailed" LINK

Politico's Jonathan Martin: "Mitt fights his own past words in N.H." LINK

2008: Republicans: Giuliani:

New York Times' BARRY MEIER and ERIC LIPTON: "Under Attack, Drug Maker Turned to Giuliani for Help" LINK

2008: Republicans: McCain:

New York Times' MICHAEL LUO: "McCain Talks of Pakistan in Swing Through Iowa" LINK

Boston Globe's Sasha Issenberg: "Seeing new possibilities in Iowa, McCain boosts his effort" LINK

2008: Republicans: Thompson:

Washington Times' Stephen Dinan: "Thompson eyes 'strong showing' in Iowa" LINK

2008: Democrats:

New York Sun's JOSH GERSTEIN: "Chances of Gore Endorsement Are Said To Be Fading" LINK

2008: Democrats: Obama:

ABC News' KATE SNOW and SUNLEN MILLER: "Obama's Closing Argument" LINK

New York Times' JEFF ZELENY: "Obama Aide Ties Pakistan to Iraq War" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Tina Daunt: "CAUSE CÉLÈBRE: What price will Oprah pay?" LINK

Chicago Sun-Times' LYNN SWEET: "Obama sharpens closing argument" LINK

2008: Democrats: Clinton:

Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni: "Hillary dangles prospect of first female president" LINK

Union Leader's TRENT SPINER: "On The Trail: Clinton relishes contact with voters" LINK

2008: Outside Spending:

Wall Street Journal's BRODY MULLINS: "Cashing In From the Outside" LINK

Washington Times' Jim McElhatton: "PACs love, loathe Hillary in Iowa" LINK