The Note: The Shrum Primary Color

8. Congratulations on no longer being covered by Deborah Orin (with her propensity to find anonymous "Washington Democrat strategists" who will say bad things about you); you will now be covered by Fred Dicker (who will find anonymous "top-level Democratic strategists" to say bad things about you).

9. Here are some simple things to remember when dealing with the local media here — each member unique like the snowflake:

A. Melissa Russo is a sucker for policy and the homeless.

B.Jay DeDapper likes the inside game.

C. Jim Rutenberg might dress like Austin Powers, but he has the hearing of Steve Austin, so watch what you say.

10. Between "Inside City Hall," the 92nd Street Y, Tina Brown's show, the New Yorker yakkathon, my Sunday morning show, and cable TV, it's possible you could begin speaking on arrival here and never stop, so be careful.

11. There is no Gridiron Dinner in New York, but there is the Inner Circle — the only difference is the level of musical talent — and, remember: Ernie Anastos is like Carl Leubsdorf, only more so.

12. Not sure if you plan to own a car here, but the cab drivers operate their vehicles pretty much like Oatsie does hers — only at higher speeds and with more traffic.

13. You think the NATIONAL Democratic Party is dysfunctional — wait until you get a load of what passes for a party in the city and the state these days!!!

14. Everyone — from the surly guy at the deli selling you a lemony cake to the city council to the busboy at Esca (a restaurant you will L-O-V-E) — calls them "Chuck" and "Hillary," and Chuck and Hillary don't seem to mind.

15. Unlike in DC, here it is totally okay to cry at the opera.

16. If you start to miss Washington Democrats, just head over to the Regency hotel on Park any old morning for breakfast — you are sure to find a bunch of them there — but watch the carbs.

17. Setting goals is important in this competitive city — I think you should aspire to beat Phil Friedman in the ratio between "races working on" to "quotes in the Times" — he's formidable, but I think you got a shot, kid.

18. Similarly, I'm sure you will want to set up a salon culture like you had in DC. Fred Hochberg has a big head start on you — I suggest getting invited to one of his swank dinners and slipping off to the bathroom to take Notes.

19. Two words — Fresh Direct.

20. When the Post (Note: from now on, that means the Murdoch paper) begins referring to you in headlines simply as "Shrummy," take it as a compliment. It means you've arrived — just like Giffie.

21. In DC they line up at midday at BreadLine. In New York they line up at midnight at Magnolia. That tells you all you need to know about the differences between the two cities.

22. In New York they know that in another 20 years Ron Fournier will be Marc Humbert — assuming they have heard of Ron Fournier.

23. When you read Frank Bruni's best-ever restaurant reviews you may find youself wishing he had gotten this gig four or so years earlier.

24. Now that you will have more time to work out, consider running around the Central Park resevoir to be like Sunday morning shopping at the Social Safeway — it's the best way to meet people and see and be seen.

25. If Wayne Barrett calls, treat it like you would a call from Mike Wallace. Except you won't be having Wayne over at the Cape house.

26. You will find the Tuscan food in New York only slightly worse than at your home in Tuscany.

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