The Note: The Shrum Primary Color

In terms of the election challenge to be heard tomorrow in Chelan County Superior court, the judge "removed himself from the case yesterday after Franklin County attorneys took him up on his offer to have him bounced, no questions asked." LINK

Keith Ervin of the Seattle Times reports that King County, which the U.S. Department of Justice had threatened to sue for not getting military ballots mailed out on time, released a log of absentee ballot mailings yesterday showing that election officials made the deadline. LINK

Lewis Kamb of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer looks at Gregoire and Rossi's ongoing fund-raising efforts to pay for the legal bills resulting from the recounts and legal challenges." LINK

Dems regroup:

Sen. Kennedy's speech, reviewed: LINK

Attention critics of Ken Blackwell: can you now give the man credit for at least this announcement? LINK

Joe Andrew endorses Simon Rosenberg today, but come now: how many DNC members does Joe Andrew control?

The two Senators from Massachusetts say they'd be fine with any of the candidates, at least publicly. LINK

The chief of staff to James Hoffa was suspended by the Teamsters oversight board for allegedly improperly using a housing allowance. LINK


Roll Call 's Josh Kurtz reports that Doris Matsui is officially getting into the race to succeed her husband, and she has the support of Leader Pelosi.

The big question: New York grows its way out of a recession without Wall Street, seemingly a triumph for the administration in power. But will Mayor Bloomberg get the credit? LINK

(Or maybe a weak dollar, luring all those foreign tourists, is responsible).

The Times' editorial board liked Bloomberg's state of the city speech, with a few exceptions. LINK

One of Gifford Miller's supporters was indiscrete with an internal campaign memo that called for him to attack his Democratic opponents." LINK 2006:

Stu Rothenberg opines in Roll Call on Rep. Rahm Emanuel's chances of making a big difference in the Dem House ratio, given districting and redistricting.

Joan Vennochi of the Boston Globe doesn't like Rahm's zeitgeist. LINK

The Chicago Sun-Times' Dave McKinney and Scott Fornek size up a possible LaHood-Blagojevich race. LINK


In his State of the Commonwealth speech on Wednesday, Virginia Gov. Mark Warner urged the legislature to pass an $824 million transportation bill to help ease traffic on the Commonwealth's clogged roads, and tried to set up his legacy as one of bipartisanship. LINK

In his State of the State address tonight (Note to the Boston Globe : shouldn't it, as our eagle-eyed readers pointed out to us, be State of the Commonwealth?), Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney is also expected to talk about transportation — namely, merging the Turnpike Authority and the Highway Department to give people a little relief on tolls. The Boston Globe 's Scott Greenberger outlines the rest of Romney's speech, in which he'll also discuss education, health care, jobs, and low-cost housing. LINK

George Pataki has a huge party, Rudy Giuliani has a small party, and John McCain has no party — Deb Orin on inaugural plans for these 2008 potential hopefuls. LINK

David Yepsen said this about Tom Vilsack's Condition of the State speech: "At a time when we need to eat our peas, Vilsack served up blarney.

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