The Note: If You Guessed This One Is Not Like the Others...

6 days to the Inauguration


Today, President Bush travels to Jacksonville, FL to chat about on higher education and job training at Florida Community College at Jacksonville.

This will be the President's second foray into education this week. On Wednesday, he focused on extending the accountability and flexibility of the No Child Left Behind Act to the high-school level .

In Florida, Bush will tie education to economic growth and job creation, focusing on community colleges and job training programs.

Bush frequently spoke on this issue on the campaign trail, highlighting what he called a "skills gap" for students who do not have the education and training to take advantage of job opportunities in a changing economy.

At the White House Economic Conference on Dec. 16, Bush called community colleges "market-oriented places of higher education" because they are "affordable, they're accessible, and they're able to adjust to the demands of the local economy.

By the way: do not expect a Director of National Intelligence announcement today.

Tomorrow, the DNC chair candidates will attend a joint forum at the St. Louis Airport.

And on Sunday, be sure to watch "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" for a preview of Mr. Bush's second term and for an interview with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist.

And we leave you, as we do every Friday, with The Note Quiz:

What do each of these pairs have in common?

Bernie Toon and Amanda Crumley.

Dick Wadhams, circa 2004 and Mitch Bainwol, circa 2000.

Roger Goodman and Living Legend.

"Ashley's Story" and "Courage."

Bob Zoellick and Blaise Hazelwood.

Elisabeth Bumiller on Roland Betts and Robert Caro on Lyndon Johnson.

John Kerry's decision to meet with Jacque Chirac and the Pittsburgh Penguins hiring of David Morehouse to help them get some slot machines.

Rep. Tom Davis, circa 2002 and Rep. Tom Davis, circa 2005.

Sen. John Edwards and Eli Manning.

Bill Clinton and Payton Manning.

Bill Bradley in 1986 and Max Baucus in 2004.

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Tom Tancredo.

Nissan's new car "the Note" and a certain online daily political digest. LINK

(Answers will be given during the Halftime Report.)

President Bush's 20/20 interview:

More excerpts from tonight's broadcast of "20/20," in which Barbara Walters exclusively interviews the First Couple:

On the tsunami:

Barbara Walters: "Do you think that, because of the kind of aid that we're giving, because of the leadership that we're giving, that this could make a difference in the Muslim world?"

President Bush: "Absolutely. I think it can. Our public diplomacy efforts aren't . . . aren't very robust, and aren't very good, compared to the public diplomacy efforts of those who would like to spread hatred and . . . and vilify the United States. And, uh, but in the … responding to the tsunami many in the Muslim world have seen a great compassion in the American people. Our troops are providing incredibly good service. I mean, we are saving lives, and flying supplies, and I … people … aside from the propaganda, many people, outcasts, are coming over some of those stations, um, apart from that, or in spite of that, I guess is the best way to say it, people are seeing the concrete actions of a compassionate country."

On his legacy:

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