The Note's Must-Reads


The State's Steven Thomma: "S.C. poll: McCain, Huckabee lead" LINK

Republicans: Romney:

New York Times' Adam Nagourney and Michael Luo: "Romney Leaves South Carolina to Focus on Nevada Caucus" LINK

Boston Globe's Michael Levenson: "Limbaugh's praise for Romney's run heard loud and clear" LINK

Las Vegas Sun's Brian Eckhouse: "Romney finds his issue; it's the economy" LINK

Republicans: McCain:

Politico's David Paul Kuhn: "McCain no longer a maverick in S.C." LINK

Washington Times' Stephen Dinan: "McCain rallies S.C. supporters" LINK

Republicans: Giuliani:

New York Times' Russ Buettner: "Giuliani Had Ties to Company Trying to Sell Border Technology" LINK

Republicans: Huckabee:

Associated Press: "Huckabee: S.C. should decide flag issue" LINK

Republicans: Thompson:

Washington Post's Dan Balz and Perry Bacon Jr.: "Thompson Hopes S.C. Revives His Campaign" LINK


New York Times' Michael Cooper: "Confederate Flag Takes Center Stage Once Again" LINK

Washington Times' Stephen Dinan: "McCain, Romney hit over Confederate flag" LINK

Democrats: Clinton:

Wall Street Journal's Jackie Calmes: "Clinton Adds Rebate To Economic Proposal" LINK

Chicago Tribune's Rick Pearson: "Hillary bringing paid staff into Illinois in effort to snatch delegates from Obama" LINK

Washington Post's Peter Baker: "Campaigning for His Wife, Shadowed by Past Battles" LINK

The Hill's Mike Soraghan: "Key Richardson adviser joins Clinton campaign" LINK

New York Times' Patrick Healy: "Bill Clinton, Stumping and Simmering" LINK

Washington Post's Howard Kurtz: "Chris Matthews Backs Off 'Nasty' Remark on Clinton" LINK

Democrats: Obama:

Politico's Carrie Budoff Brown: "Obama camp torn on transparency" LINK

Associated Press: "BET founder apologizes for Obama remarks" LINK

Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni: "Obama hit over labor union ads" LINK

Time's TIM PADGETT: "Courting South Carolina's Black Vote" LINK

New York Sun's JOSH GERSTEIN: "Obama Racks Up Tactical Victories, but ..." LINK

Democrats: Edwards:

Las Vegas Sun's Marshall Allen: "Edwards message: Louder this time" LINK


New York Times' Shaila Dewan: "Southern Blacks Are Split on Clinton vs. Obama" LINK

Washington Times' Shailagh Murray and Paul Kane: "Judge Allows Casino Sites for Nevada Caucuses" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Peter Wallsten and Peter Nicholas: "Clinton plays gaming card against Obama" LINK

Las Vegas Sun's J. Patrick Coolican: "Democrats toughen up" LINK

Early States: South Carolina:

ABC News' Jake Tapper: "Dirty Tricks Plague Southern Fried Republican Race" LINK

Boston Globe's Joseph Williams: "Christians at core in S.C. primary" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Louise Roug: "Evangelicals not on same page" LINK

Bloomberg's Heidi Przybyla and Edwin Chen: "Atwater's `Understudies' Carry On Bare-Knuckle Political Legacy" LINK

The State's GINA SMITH: "'Undecideds' hold the cards" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Richard Fausset: "Immigration through S.C. voters' eyes" LINK

Early States: Nevada:

Reno Gazette-Journal: "Reno Gazette-Journal endorses Obama, Romney" LINK

New York Times' JENNIFER STEINHAUER: "Health Care Could Sway Nevadans" LINK

Wall Street Journal's BRODY MULLINS: "Labor Makes Big Comeback In '08 Races" LINK

Newsweek's Richard Wolffe: "A Chancy Proposition" LINK

The Hill's Alexander Bolton: "Whoever wins Saturday's Nev. caucus, Sen. Harry Reid could take the jackpot' LINK


Wall Street Journal's Ben Casselman: "Bloomberg Flirtation Sets Executive Hearts Aflutter Hope in the Suites For Presidential Bid" LINK

Latino Vote:

Wall Street Journal's Miriam Jordan: "Paper Jam May Curb Latino Vote" LINK

Boston Globe's Maria Sacchetti: "Latinos test voting muscle" LINK


USA Today's Dennis Cauchon: "States try to pull plug on 'robo-calls'" LINK