SNEAK PEEK: Como Se Dice "Caucus"?


1 days until the Nevada caucuses

1 days until South Carolina GOP primary

Every single day in 2008 has been a 24-hour marathon of campaign events, conference calls, back and forth sniping, and little sleep.

Sometimes the candidates and the reporters trailing them may not even realize what city they are in (Hello Cleveland!) or what day it is (October?).

So Michelle Obama can be excused when she slipped up in Reno today and shouted that she was glad to be in Nevada. At least she got the state right. Problem was the residents of the Silver State are a wee bit sensitive when it comes to the pronunciation of their state, ABC News' Sunlen Miller reports. It's Nuh-VAD-uh – Do not say Nuh-VAH-duh.

In just 24 hours will it really matter? All chips will be cashed – and the lucky winners will go home on the plus side, with a chunk of delegates and perhaps a pocket full of coin.

On the other side of the country on Saturday, the Republicans square off in the South Carolina primary and polls show a close race between John McCain and Mike Huckabee.

Nuts and bolts of the Nevada Caucuses

Caucus meeting begins at 2:30 pm ET
Preference groups form at 3:00 pm ET
Second alignment begins at 3:15 pm ET
Results start coming into Nevada Democratic Party at 5:00 pm ET --
25 pledged delegates are allocated from the caucus results

Caucus meetings begin at 12:00 pm ET
Straw vote begins at 12:15 pm ET - 12:45 pm ET
Precincts are asked to conclude meeting at 1:00 pm ET (but there is no rule which dictates what time voting must end)
First results will be posted at 1-1:30 pm ET
Outcome likely known 3:30 pm ET
All results will be in by 4:00 pm ET
34 delegates are allocated from the caucus results – and we eagerly await the fuzzy math the campaigns may use to come up with their tallies.

Some things to look for:

-- With all the attention on the at-large Vegas strip precincts, don't forget that just as in Iowa, you get more bang for your buck in the rural, less populated parts of the state

-- The Clinton camp is accusing the culinary workers of threatening the jobs of workers who don't back Obama. Will anyone be able to substantiate the allegations (it is Friday night, the clock is ticking)?

-- Saturday's caucuses offer the first chance to test Sergio Bendixen's theory that Hispanics are Hillary's firewall.

-- With the GOP contest shaping up to be a delegate game, there are more delegates to be had in the Silver State than in the Palmetto State Saturday – something we expect to hear from the Romney campaign sometime tomorrow evening

Nuts and bolts of the South Carolina Republican primary:


Twenty-four Republican delegates are up for grabs Saturday and the South Carolina Republican primary sets up an interesting 10 day sprint to the Florida primary later this month.

Some things to look for:

-- John McCain: Can he win enough support among the veterans and military voters and in the moderate coastal areas to offset any large losses in the more conservative Upstate

-- Fred Thompson: Will the slow Southern drawl win over voters or is the Palmetto State his last stand? Will he take away social conservatives votes from Huckabee?

-- Does Ron Paul finish ahead of Rudy again?

-- A solid bronze medal showing will still win Mitt Romney a few delegates

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