The Note's Must-Reads

State of the Union:

ABC News' John Cochran: "State of the Union: Bush Makes Pitch for Bipartisan Economic Push" LINK

Washington Times' Jon Ward: "Bush draws line on spending" LINK


The New York Times' Dalia Sussman: "Romney and McCain Leading in Fla. Polls" LINK

The Los Angeles Times' Cathleen Decker: "McCain, Clinton have big leads in California" LINK

Republicans: McCain:

The Wall Street Journal's ALEX FRANGOS: "Age May Help McCain in Florida" LINK

Time's Ana Marie Cox: "Is McCain Fighting a Losing Battle?" LINK

Salon's Mark Benjamin: "How is John McCain like John Kerry?" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's GERALD SEIB: "McCain Gains as Furor Over Immigration Cools" LINK

Republicans: Romney:

The New York Times' Michael Lou: "Romney Campaign Criticizes Calls" LINK

Republicans: Giuliani:

Newsweek's Sarah Elkins: "Rudy's Florida Freefall" LINK

The New York Times' Michael Cooper: "Less of a Draw, a Subdued Giuliani Stays Upbeat" LINK

New York Sun's JOSH GERSTEIN: "A Florida Fizzle May Be End of Giuliani's Hope" LINK

Boston Herald's Dave Wedge: "Cellucci stays course with Rudy" LINK

New York Daily News' DAVID SALTONSTALL: "Rudy Giuliani faces D-day in Florida" LINK


Washington Times' Andrea Billups: "GOP looks to diverse Florida retirement enclave" LINK

Boston Herald's Jessica Van Sack: "McCain, Romney trade 'liberal' barbs" LINK

Christian Science Monitor's Linda Feldmann: "GOP race in Florida is Romney vs. McCain" LINK

Democrats: Clinton:

Newsweek's Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball: "Here an F.O.B., There an F.O.B." LINK

Boston Herald's Jessica Van Sack: "Hill stumps in Mass. as Ted K backs Barack" LINK

Bloomberg's Heidi Przybyla and Indira Lakshmanan: "Clinton Adjusts Obama Tactics in Run to Super Tuesday" LINK

Democrats: Obama:

ABC News: "Sen. Kennedy: Obama Endorsement About 'The Future'" LINK

Washington Post's Anne E. Kornblut and Shailagh Murray: "Obama Ready on 'Day One,' Kennedy Says" LINK

Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni: "Obama oratory garners big-name backers" LINK

Time's Karen Tumulty: "How the Kennedy Nod Helps Obama" LINK

New York Sun's Benny Avni: "Illinois Senator Reiterates Commitment to Israel" LINK

The Hill's Aaron Blake: "Kennedy's endorsement could win over Hispanics" LINK

Associated Press: "Indicted Obama Fundraiser's Bond Revoked" LINK

Miami Herald's Carol Rosenberg: "Attorneys for Guantánamo captives back Obama's bid" LINK

Democrats: Edwards:

The Hill's Alexander Bolton: "Edwards eyes a brokered convention" LINK

The New York Times' Julie Bosman: "Power Through Delegates May Be Edwards Strategy" LINK


Washington Times' Stephen Dinan: "Challenge on earmarks aimed at '08 Democrats" LINK

The Hill's Alexander Bolton: "Clinton, Obama steal Bush's final show" LINK

The New York Times' Carl Hulse: "What's the State of the Union? Well, Gleeful, if You're a Democrat" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Jonathan Kaufman and Gerald F. Seib: "Two Plays for Latino Vote" LINK

Early States: Florida:

Miami Herald's MARC CAPUTO AND LESLEY CLARK: "Florida election a barometer for country" LINK


Fortune's James Ledbetter: "The Bloomberg delusion" LINK