SNEAK PEEK: On to the Goal


6 days until Super Tuesday

Florida Primary:

8:00 PM ET
57 Republican delegates at stake – winner take all
0 Democratic delegates at stake

The nation is used to late nights watching results come in from Florida and tonight may be another one.

The Republican race in Florida has been this close in the final days and the guy who gets just one more vote wins the entire jackpot of 57 delegates.

(Order in, log on and follow the results and inside scoop all night with ABC News' Rick Klein)

The polls have been showing a two-man race between John McCain and Mitt Romney. A win for McCain would give him a huge bump in the delegate count and momentum heading into Super Tuesday which could bring in cold hard cash – something McCain needs to combat Romney's ability to throw more of his own money into the race. A win for Romney keeps this race exciting and sets up a 21-state showdown next Tuesday.

But what about the guy in third? Rudy Giuliani has staked his campaign on Florida and a third or fourth place finish may mean it's the end of the road for the former mayor.

ABC News' Jake Tapper reports that Giuliani "put on a brave face" today and pointed out Hillary Clinton's comeback win in New Hampshire.

"Don't listen to the polls," Giuliani said in Del Ray Beach. "Look at what happened in New Hampshire, Hillary Clinton was supposed to lose by seven or eight points."

More from Tapper:

Giuliani's Palm Beach County Coordinator seemed resigned to a disappointing outcome.

"Obviously the polls show the momentum is with two other people," said Carl Dominio. He also said that Giuliani's Florida and Feb 5. strategy was a mistake. "You gotta show you can compete," he said. "He didn't have to win, he just had to be competitive.

The campaign is staying on course for Wednesday – or maybe they just want to give Jon Voight a ride back to Los Angeles – and has a plane set to take the Giuliani traveling press corps to California for the Republican debate at the Reagan Library.

ABC News' Tahman Bradley reports that once again Mitt Romney outspent his Republican rivals on television advertising in a Republican contest. In Florida, Romney spent more than all of his rivals combined. He also out spent his GOP rivals on television in Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan and Nevada.

Florida ad spending:

Romney $5.3 Million
Giuliani $3 Million
McCain $2 Million
Huckabee $0

ABC News' Bradley also reports that over 1 million Floridians already have voted through early voting or absentee ballot. That includes 521,036 on the Republican side and 451,946 on the Democratic side.

The Giuliani campaign is keeping their fingers crossed that a good chunk of those GOP ballots were post-marked before he started to take a drubbing in the early states and McCain and Romney emerged as the top two candidates in the Republican race.

A few things to keep an eye on tonight…

1. Turnout in the fabled I-4 corridor: About half of the state's Republican voters live along this corridor and a strong turnout there could be a good sign for Mitt Romney, who has been hammering away his economic message and credentials over the final days of the campaign.

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