The Note's Must-Reads

Super Tuesday:

ABC News' Gary Langer and Brian Hartman: "Economy Casts Shadow Over Super Tuesday" LINK

NY Times' Patrick Healy: "Support Divided, Top Democrats Trade Victories" LINK

The Hill's Sam Youngman: "McCain wins big; Obama, Clinton continue to dance" LINK

Time's Amanda Ripley: "The Five Lessons from Super Tuesday" LINK

New York Post's David Espo: "McCain Takes Command; Clinton, Obama Vie" LINK

Chicago Tribune: "Election officials probe use of 'magic' invisible ink pens in 49th Ward" LINK

Time: "The Global Primary Starts Too" LINK

Republicans: McCain:

New York Times' Elisabeth Bumiller and David D. Kirkpatrick: "McCain's Political Rebound Defied Popular Wisdom" LINK

USA Today's Susan Page: "Despite big win, McCain isn't home free" LINK

Time's Jay Carney: "McCain: Frail with the Far Right" LINK

The Wall Street Journal's Laura Meckler: "McCain Scores in Northeast, California" LINK

New York Daily News' James Gordon Meek: "John McCain says more battles ahead" LINK

Bloomberg's Catherine Dodge and Lorraine Woellert: "McCain Closes In on Nomination With Super Tuesday Victories" LINK

The Washington Times' Steven Dinan: Moderates fuel big McCain wins LINK

Republicans: Romney:

Boston Globe's Alan Wirzbicki: "In the next round, Romney needs some big wins" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Seema Mehta: "Romney vows he will battle on" LINK

New York Times' Michael Luo and Adam Nossiter: "As Romney Falters in Republican Race, Huckabee's Drive Gathers Momentum" LINK

Washington Post: "Romney's Expenses Per Delegate Top $1M" LINK

Time's Michael Scherer: "Romney's Big Push Nets Little" LINK


Boston Globe's Michael Levenson and Sasha Issenberg: "Romney wins Mass.; Huckabee racks up victories in the South" LINK

Republicans: Huckabee:

ABC News' Jake Tapper: "Huckabee Wins Big in South, Challenges for Conservative Vote" LINK

The Washington Times' Jon Ward and Stephen Dinan: "McCain backers help Huckabee win" LINK

Washington Post's Jonathan Weisman: "Huckabee Complicates GOP Contest" LINK

New York Times' Michael Cooper: "Huckabee Revived With Strong Showing in South" LINK

Democrats: Clinton:

Los Angeles Times' P.J. Huffstutter: "Clinton's hometown is proud but divided" LINK

Washington Post's Dana Milbank: "For Clinton, A Lively Dead Heat" LINK

Salon's Rebecca Traister: "Clinton gets her party started" LINK

Democrats: Obama:

Newsweek's Howard Fineman: "Camelot's Clout" LINK

USA Today's Martha T. Moore: "Many new voters agree 'time has come' for Obama" LINK

The Washington Times' Brian DeBose: "Obama inspires high Democratic turnout" LINK


Newsweek's Arian Campo-Flores: "A Democratic Muddle" LINK

USA Today's Richard Wolf: "Bragging rights' go to both Dems" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Mark Z. Barabak: "Clinton, Obama both claim Democratic victories" LINK

The Washington Times' Sean Lengell: "Democrats may anoint nominee at convention" LINK

Chicago Sun Times' ABDON M. PALLASCH, ART GOLAB AND FRANK MAIN : "Dems split major states" LINK

Wall Street Journal's Laura Meckler: "Clinton Wins California, New York; Obama Rallies Supporters for Change" LINK

Washington Post's Amy Goldstein: "Democrats' Votes Display a Racial Divide" LINK

Boston Globe's Scott Helman and Marcella Bombardieri: "N.Y. senator takes Calif.; pair divvy up states, delegates" LINK

New York Daily News' Thomas M. DeFrank: "Democratic battle rolls on as Barack, Hillary neck & neck across country" LINK

Bloomberg's Ken Fireman and Kristin Jensen: "Clinton, Obama Brace for Battle After Tuesday Split" LINK


Associated Press: "Presidential race turns to Mid-Atlantic" LINK