The Note's Must-Reads

Must Read:

The New York Times: "For McCain, Self-Confidence on Ethics Poses Its Own Risk" LINK

Republicans: McCain:

ABC's Ron Claiborne and Tahman Bradley: "McCain Campaign Responds Angrily to Report Questioning Ethics" LINK

New York Post's Ed Robinson: "Times Hints Of McCain '00 'Affair'" LINK

New Yorker's Ryan Lizza: "On the Bus" LINK

The Washington Post's Glenn Kessler and Jonathan Weisman: "McCain Presses Obama on Pledge About Public Funds" LINK

Republicans: Huckabee:

The Hill's Klaus Marre: "Huckabee hammers GOP" LINK

Cox News Service: "Long-shot bid brings Huckabee respect — for now" LINK

Austin American-Statesman's Ken Herman: "Huckabee remains firm that he'll remain in race" LINK

Democrats: Obama:

Karl Rove: "Obama's New Vulnerability" LINK

Bloomberg: "Obama Entered February With Cash Edge of Millions Over Clinton" LINK

Associated Press: "Obama Raised $36 Million" LINK

New York Sun's Eli Lake: "Obama's Brain Trust Taking Shape" LINK

Salon's Hooman Majd: "A new face for American diplomacy" LINK

Politico's Lisa Lerer: "Obamamania verges on obsession" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Maria L. La Ganga, Nicholas Riccardi and Michael Finnegan: "Teamsters endorse Obama" LINK

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Larry Eichel: "Obama assailed on two fronts" LINK

Times Caller's Denise Malan: "Ted Kennedy: You, Texas are a factor" LINK

Associated Press: "Michelle Obama explains pride remark" LINK

Democrats: Clinton:

ABC News' Rick Klein and Sarah Amos: "Bill Clinton: Texas Could Be Hillary's Last Stand" LINK

Washington Times' Christina Bellantoni: "Clinton attacks Obama's record" LINK

Time's Michael Grunwald: "Clinton's Spin Machine: Spun Dry" LINK

Newsweek's Howard Fineman: "Let the Leg-Biting Begin" LINK

New York Daily News: "Desperation time for the Clintons" LINK

The New York Times' Adam Nagourney: "Clinton Aides Split on How to Take On Obama" LINK

The Washington Post's Matthew Mosk: "Independent Group to Air TV Ads Echoing Clinton Attacks on Obama" LINK

Politico's Kenneth P. Vogel and Jeanne Cummings: "January yields debt for HRC, cash for Obama" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Dan Morain: "Californians looking to aid Clinton" LINK

Bloomberg's Indira Lakshmanan: "Clinton Needs Texas Latinos to Bolster Her Faltering Candidacy" LINK

Associated Press: "Clinton's battle is increasingly uphill" LINK

The Providence Journal's Talia Buford: "As primary nears, Clinton opens R.I. campaign office" LINK


Time's David Von Drehle: "A Fight for the Texas Democrats" LINK

Christian Science Monitor: "Clinton or Obama? Gender less important to young voters" LINK

Politico's Roger Simon: "Jackson to Dems: Play nice" LINK

The Wall Street Journal: "Stakes Are Raised In Last Two Democratic Debates" LINK

Houston Chronicle's R.G. Ratcliffe: "Obama, Clinton trade punches ahead of debate" LINK

Austin American-Statesman's Corrie MacLaggan: "UT, CNN prepare for presidential debate in Austin" LINK

Presidential Election:

The New York Times' Adam Nossiter: "Race Matters Less in Politics in Deep South" LINK