The Note: Pillow Fight


Ann Richards' two sons "are objecting to an Internet video published by Hillary Rodham Clinton's presidential campaign that suggests their mother would have supported Clinton," AP's Nedra Pickler reports. But the campaign got permission from Richards' youngest daughter, Ellen: "believe that if my mom were alive today that she would be stumping across Texas and around the country supporting Hillary for president," she said in a statement.

The New York Times has another campaign enemy -- this time it's the Clinton folks lashing out at the Grey Lady, after the newspaper refused to publish a letter pushing back at Patrick Healy's Sunday piece painting a grim portrait of the mood inside Camp Clinton. The letter reads: "The unnamed advisers and aides the story relies on speak for nobody but themselves. The rest of us -- thousands of her supporters, friends, members of her staff and volunteers -- are working tirelessly each and every day and night, because we believe in Hillary."

Obama's church gets some tax scrutiny. "The IRS is investigating the United Church of Christ over a speech Sen. Barack Obama gave at its national meeting last year after he became a candidate for president, the denomination said Tuesday," writes the AP's Rachel Zoll. "Obama, an Illinois Democrat, belongs to the 1.2 million-member Protestant group through his Chicago congregation."

Your daily Rezko update: "In their strongest language yet, federal prosecutors said Tuesday that Gov. Rod Blagojevich's administration granted access and influence to Antoin 'Tony' Rezko because of his prowess as a fundraiser for the governor," Jeff Coen and John Chase write in the Chicago Tribune.

The Chicago Tribune's Jim Tankersley looks at Ohio's distress: "Neither candidate . . . comes close to offering a full menu for replenishing Ohio's economic plate. Their speeches draw cheers, but they largely neglect what research suggests are the roots of decay in Youngstown and the Rust Belt: a lack of education, investment and marketable ideas."

Key point: "Put another way, the demographics that make Ohio ripe for the sort of big March 4 win Clinton needs to revitalize her campaign -- a high concentration of low-income voters who didn't earn a college degree -- also are hurting the state's economic competitiveness."

Think Texas Democrats are jazzed? "More votes already have been cast in this year's Harris County Democratic Party primary than in any previous primary for at least the last 30 years, officials said Tuesday," the Houston Chronicle's Alan Bernstein reports.

The New Republic's Michael Crowley catches up with David Duke (!) -- and get this: He doesn't hate Obama. Writes Crowley: "Thus far, Obama is largely delivering on his promise as a post-racial candidate -- and hilariously confounding the worldview of white supremacists at the same time."

More on McCain and his dealings with the FCC: "A public broadcasting activist is accusing Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign of lying in its statements rebutting last week's New York Times story about McCain's connections to Washington lobbyist Vicki Iseman," ABC's Avni Patel reports.

McCain's not the only Republican who's worried about money. "House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) challenged Republicans on Tuesday to get off their 'dead asses' and start raising money for the National Republican Congressional Committee," Politico's Patrick O'Connor reports.

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