'What A Party!'


It might be the waning days of the Clinton Dynasty. But the Pride of Syracuse is still full of fight!

While speaking to Clinton's finance team on Thursday, Terry McAuliffe said this race ain't over.

"I know a lot of people have . . . given Hillary advice on what she should do," said the always exuberant McAuliffe. "Let me be very clear: what Hillary is going to do is win this nomination."

He also laid bare where February's $35 million fundraising haul came from: "there are $35 million worth of people who have skipped dinners, who have not taken medications, who have written up emails . . . so that they can be part of this campaign."

(As impressive as the $35 million number is, it doesn't tell you anything about market share and we learned on Thursday that Obama raised north of $50 million).

Beyond The Macker's boast about Clinton's supporters being off their meds, the Clinton finance call was noteworthy for its delegate bar-setting.

Speaking of Obama's delegate lead, Clinton adviser Harold Ickes said that the Illinois Democrat is ahead of Clinton by "just a whisker," adding that the gap will be, "substantially narrowed as we go forward through the rest of the races."

When the returns are coming in from Ohio and Texas on Tuesday, all eyes will be on Obama's delegate lead to see if, indeed, Clinton has "substantially narrowed" it.


Barack Obama is coming under fire over the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

For a second day in a row, Canadian television plans to report that a top Obama aide told the Canadian ambassador not to take at face value Obama's anti-NAFTA rhetoric. "The facts of the story are accurate and CTV National News will be reporting on the story again tonight," said CTV vice president Wendy Freeman in a Thursday statement.

Keying off the Canadian television report, John McCain said Thursday that Obama was not being straight with voters.

"I don't think it's appropriate to go to Ohio and tell people one thing while you're aide is calling the Canadian ambassador and telling him something else," said McCain. Both the Canadian embassy and Sen. Obama have denied the veracity of CTV's report. But even Obama's Alabama chairman has cast doubt on the wisdom of renegotiating NAFTA.

"I'm not a fan for reopening agreements we have negotiated because the rest of the world thinks that we don't keep our word enough as it is," said Rep. Artur Davis, D-Ala., on Monday during a congressional debate held at The George Washington University.

The kicker:

"I think Sen. Obama better stay focused on his campaign with Sen. Clinton." --President Bush at Thursday's press conference

Friday, February 29, 2008

On the campaign front…


-- 3:00 pm ET: Attends event with voters, Brownsville, TX

-- 7:00 pm ET: Attends rally with voters, Selma, TX


-- 8:00 pm ET: Holds rally with voters, San Antonio, TX


-- 9:45 am ET: Holds rally with voters, Findlay, OH

-- 12:15 pm ET: Holds rally with voters, Marion, OH

-- 2:45 pm ET: Holds rally with voters, Mansfield, OH

-- 5:45 pm ET: Holds rally with voters, Wooster, OH

-- 8:15 pm ET: Holds rally with voters, New Philadelphia, OH

As for the Republicans…


-- 10:45 am ET: Attends town hall meeting with voters, Round Rock, TX

-- 12:00 pm ET: Holds media availability, Round Rock, TX

-- 1:00 pm ET: Attends fundraiser with supporters, Austin, TX


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