SNEAK PEEK: Waiting for Godot


March 4– Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont primaries
370 Democratic delegates at stake
256 Republican delegates at stake

The build up to Super Tuesday Part Deux has focused mostly on the Democratic nomination fight – what combination of wins/losses will keep Hillary Clinton in the race or force her out? Can Clinton claim victory if she comes out tonight with a W in one of more states, but is behind Obama in the delegate allocation tonight? Will Barack Obama be able to use his momentum from 11 consecutive wins and close the deal?

(Obama certainly is acting like the Presumptive Nominee, appearing in an ad for Bill Foster, a Democrat who is running for Illinois' 14th congressional district, the seat vacated by Dennis Hastert.)

So many questions, few answers, plenty of speculation and Magic 8-ball shaking. But on the Republican side, there may be an end in sight.

It looks more likely that tonight is the night some news organizations will put John McCain over the magic number of 1191 delegates to clinch the nomination.

The RNC expects that they will have their nominee soon. "Once the voters have spoken, we will comment," an RNC official said tonight.

That sounds like curtains for Mike Huckabee, who has continued his campaign despite the nearly insurmountable odds he has been facing in the delegate count.

ABC News' Kevin Chupka that while Huckabee is quick to say he expects nothing short of victory here in Texas, he spoke at length about the possibility of a McCain nomination.

"I think Republicans are going to support the nominee and if John McCain is the nominee I think Republicans will support him," Huckabee said.

Chupka reports that Huckabee outlined his plans going forward, but did not provide much detail, offering only that he hoped to be able to spend a night or two at home in Little Rock with his dogs.

ABC News Polling Director Gary Langer has this from preliminary exit poll results:

"The theme of change continues to resonate in Ohio and Texas, but not by as wide a margin as in most previous primaries. The ability to 'bring needed change' beats "experience" as the most important quality in a candidate by about a 20-point margin in Ohio and by about 15 points in Texas, according to preliminary exit poll results."

More from Langer:

Preliminary exit poll results also suggest a healthy turnout by Latinos in the Texas Democratic primary, where early results indicate they're accounting for just over three in 10 voters; if that holds that'll be a record.

Blacks account for about two in 10 Texas Democratic voters, closer to their customary share of the electorate. In these early data blacks also account for two in 10 in Ohio, which if it holds would be up from 2004.

Turnout among women looks to be up in both states in these preliminary results – they account for about six in 10 voters in Ohio, and not quite as many in Texas, compared with 52 percent in Ohio and 53 percent in Texas in 2004.

ABC News' Rick Klein will be live blogging the results and twists and turns all night.

Plan your Tuesday night around…


VERMONT - Democratic Primary - open

Polls open: 6:00 AM ET
Polls close: 7:00 PM ET
15 delegates at stake, proportional

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