The Note's Must-Reads


ABC News Poll:

ABC News' Gary Langer: "POLL: Obama and Clinton Lead McCain; Change vs. Experience Is the Roadmap" LINK

Washington Post's Jon Cohen and Jennifer Agiesta: "Both Obama And Clinton Hold Edge Over McCain" LINK

Republicans: McCain:

Wall Street Journal: "Bush's Embrace Poses Dilemma as Help Poses Both Boon and Bane to Campaign" LINK

Boston Globe's Charlie Savage: "Bush says McCain will stay the course in Iraq" LINK

Arizona Republic: "McCain's prize: A head start" LINK

Republicans: Huckabee:

Washington Post's Perry Bacon Jr.: "Huckabee Not Ruling Out No. 2 Spot on Ballot" LINK

Democrats: Clinton:

New York Times' Adam Nagourney and Carl Hulse: "Clinton Success Alters Delegate Race's Dynamic" LINK

Washington Post's Peter Baker and Anne E. Kornblut: "Even in Victory, Clinton Team Is Battling Itself" LINK

Wall Street Journal's Nick Timiraos: "Next Big Primary, Pennsylvania, Plays Up Clinton's Advantages" LINK

Bloomberg's Kristin Jensen and Julianna Goldman: "Clinton's Primary Wins Halt Movement of Superdelegates to Obama" LINK

Democrats: Obama:

New York Times: "Canadian Leader on Obama Leak" LINK

Rolling Stone's Jann S. Wenner: "A New Hope" LINK

Politico's Kenneth P. Vogel: "Obama's Rezko ties escape national radar" LINK

Time: "The Long Way Home" LINK


ABC News' Jake Tapper: "As Dem Race Tightens, Will Superdelegates Step In?" LINK

Washington Post's Dan Balz and Shailagh Murray: "Results Refocus Democratic Campaign" LINK

Wall Street Journal: "Clinton, Obama Go on Attack As Superdelegates Hold Key" LINK

Primary: Pennsylvania:

New York Times: "Campaign Sends Its Youngest Clinton to Pennsylvania to Open the Next Round" LINK

USA Today's Martha T. Moore: "It's now a marathon, with Pa. the big prize" LINK


Karl Rove: "Alive!" LINK

Associated Press: "Mich., Fla. consider do-over primaries" LINK


Politico: "Superdelegates play hardball" LINK

The Hill's Alexander Bolton: "Growing split on delegates" LINK

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