The Note: Political S.A.T.

Yesterday's Hotline, with its list of confirmed public supporters, helps to put things in perspective. And we gotta say: if you claim you've got DNC members supporting you but haven't released more than a few, well, we reserve the right to view your claims to have dozens of members privately locked up with appropriate skepticism.

If there's a correlation between confirmed public DNC member supporters and actual level of support, then Martin Frost, Howard Dean, Wellington Webb and Donnie Fowler are doing well.

But wait a minute: Webb sent out a long list of confirmed endorsees last night. One of them is DNC vice chair Ben Johnson, who last night reiterated to Gov. Dean's campaign that he was publicly and privately a Dean supporter.

We were not able to reach Mayor Webb's campaign manager to figure out what happened.

We do hear that Dean will announce several more member endorsements today or tomorrow. Frost will rightly enjoy public acknowledgment of the 14 Texas DNC members who affirmed their support for him yesterday. David Leland picked up a 447er, too: DNC member Mark Mallory, the assistant minority leader in the Ohio State Senate.

All these camps promise more endorsements after the ASDC meets on Sunday in New York City. That's when the Brewer Directive, which asked party chairs and vice chairs to refrain from publicly endorsing, expires.

(The order the candidates will speak: Frost, Rosenberg, Fowler, Leland, Webb, Dean.)

We've learned that Rep. Tim Roemer will not attend the because of a scheduling conflict.

Ruben Polito, a Roemer spokesman, would not say what will prevent Roemer's audience with Brewer and Co.

"I don't think it's relevant. He's still working hard and he's still accessible to them," Polito said.

The next cattle call: On Friday in New York, the DNC women's forum will hear from the candidates. Then Saturday's regional forum. Then ASDC. Then . . . nothing.

The final Washington, DC candidate gathering took place yesterday at AFL-CIO headquarters on 16th Street, where AFL-CIO's political directors heard from all the declared candidates. Per several folks in the room, Frost, Roemer, Fowler, and Dean came off well. Frost's solid labor credentials are an often unremarked plus for his candidacy.

The Hill has details of some private meetings of AFL-CIO president John Sweeney's with a select number of the DNC chair candidates. LINK

So where is the House of Labor today? Divided.

Some political directors like Frost, a few like Dean; others like others.

"We are not resigned to Dean winning," said one influential labor leader present at the meeting . "I don't mean to imply we are a stop Dean movement there is a belief that others are as well or better qualified," the labor official said. (Sounds like the ASDC . . . and the Democratic governors . . . to us.)

In other DNC chair news, the folks today will say that they will poll its their million members and release state-by-state recommendations the night of the chair meeting. MoveOn will first ask its members to submit questions to the chair candidates, it will forward their answers to the members.

The Los Angeles Times' Ron Brownstein outlines's play to institutionalize its influence in Democratic politics. LINK


The New York Observer's Ben Smith is on the trail of pay-for-pay, NYC2012, and more. LINK


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