SNEAK PEEK: 'Take It from Me'


Nancy Pelosi was emphatic on Thursday in predicting that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama will not end up on the Democratic ticket together. "Take it from me, that won't be the ticket," said Pelosi, per ABC's Dean Norland.

Watch Pelosi's comments here.

This is not the first time that the Speaker of the House has voiced doubts about the likelihood of the two Democratic presidential rivals teaming up in the fall.

Per ABC's Jake Tapper, she made similar comments during a recent interview with New England Cable News.


During her Thursday comments to reporters on Capitol Hill, Pelosi said she thinks the Democratic Party will still field a "dream team".

She added, however, that people should not look for Obama and Clinton to be on it in either combination.

"Whoever our nominee is, and whoever he or she is, and whoever he or she chooses, will be a dream team as Democrats go forward to win this election, take our country in a new direction," she said.

Pelosi was quick to add, however, that based on her political instinct she does not think it's politically feasible for the two Democrats who are currently battling it out to be on the ticket together.

"You asked my political opinion, and I gave it to you," she said.

While asserting that Obama has not (yet) passed the commander-in-chief test, Bill and Hillary Clinton have talked up the possibility of Obama serving as running mate.

Obama has seized on the veep talk from the former first couple to rebut the Clinton campaign's charge that he is not ready to be commander-in-chief.

"If I am not ready," Obama asked Monday while campaigning in Mississippi, "why do you think I would be such a great vice president?"

On the campaign front. . .


-- 2:00 pm ET: Attends event with voters, Pittsburg, PA

-- 6:00 pm ET: Attends event with voters, Pittsburg, PA

As for the Republicans. . .


-- 9:45 am ET: Attends town hall meeting with voters, Springfield, PA

-- 11:00 am ET: Holds media availability, Springfield, PA

At the White House. . .


-- 11:05 am ET: Speaks about the economy to the Economic Club of New York, New York, NY

-- 12:50 pm ET: Attends a Republican National Committee luncheon, New York, NY


-- 8:25 am ET: Participates in a visit to the Mexican Association Against Breast Cancer, Mexico City, Mexico

-- 9:25 am ET: Participates in the launch of the U.S.-Mexico Partnership for Breast Cancer Awareness and Research, Mexico City, Mexico


-- 8:30 am ET: Releases the February report on the Consumer Price Index, Washington, DC


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