The Note's Must-Reads

Republicans: McCain:

Wall Street Journal: "Troop Levels Re-Emerge As a Political Flash Point" LINK

New York Post's Carl Campanile: "McCain Woos Jews with Visit to Israel" LINK

Chicago Tribune's Liz Sly: "Iraq violence greets McCain, Cheney" LINK

New York Sun's Russell Berman: "Iraq Back as Campaign Issue as McCain Faults Clinton" LINK

Democrats: Obama:

New York Times' Jodi Kantor and Jeff Zeleny: "On Defensive, Obama Plans Talk on Race" LINK

The Hill's Walter Alarkon: "Former Israel ambassador defends Obama on Wright controversy" LINK

Boston Herald: "Obama lets star power shine without him" LINK

ABC News' Jake Tapper and Susan Rucci: "Obama's Church Assails Media Coverage of Pastor" LINK

Washington Post' Eli Saslow: "Congregation Defends Obama's Ex-Pastor" LINK

Bloomberg's Jonathan D. Salant: "Obama's Bid Doesn't Have Support of Most Black Corporate Elite" LINK

Boston Globe's Joseph Williams and Matt Negrin: "Affirmative action foes point to Obama" LINK

Politico's John F. Harris & Jim Vandehei: "Race uproar offers test for Obama" LINK

Washington Post' Dana Milbank: "The Audacity of Chutzpah" LINK

Associated Press: "Obama tells vets no lower drinking age" LINK

Democrats: Clinton:

Time's Mark Halperin: "Clinton's Hopes for Florida Fade" LINK

Associated Press: "Bill Clinton Rejects Criticism Over Race" LINK

Boston Globe's Foon Rhee: "Clinton hits rivals on Iraq war" LINK

Bloomberg's Lorraine Woellert: "Clinton Would Ban Armed Private Military Contractors in Iraq" LINK

Associated Press: "Clinton request to check names nixed" LINK


Newsweek's Julia Baird: "The Deep Blue Divide" LINK


ABC News' Jennifer Parker: "Presidential Candidates Address Economic Woes" LINK

Los Angeles Times' Jonathan Weisman and Shailagh Murray: "Economic turmoil shakes up campaign strategies" LINK

Primaries: Florida:

Miami Herald's Lesley Clark: "Florida Democrats scrap revote idea" LINK

Primaries: Michigan:

Detroit Free Press: "Leaders get first glimpse of Dems' do-over proposal" LINK