SNEAK PEEK: The Madness of March


Rank the following in order of most likely to happen to least likely to happen:

1. North Carolina is upset by Mount St. Mary's

2. Michigan holds a do-over primary

3. Barack Obama goes against his right hand man Reggie Love in his NCAA bracket and picks West Virginia over Duke this weekend at the Verizon Center.

4. Reverend Wright headlines a National Prayer Breakfast in the Obama Administration

5. Jon Wallace/Roy Hibbert – Dream Ticket 2028

6. Dozens of smoking gun headlines in the 11,000 pages released from the Clinton Library today

7. The Clinton campaign argues for the Michigan and Florida basketball teams to be allowed into the NCAA Tournament so their fans aren't disenfranchised

8. John McCain admits he's never quite figured out that Sunni/Shia thing

9. President Clinton decides to become an uncommitted superdelegate, just for the media attention

10. A perfect bracket on

Hillary Clinton traveled to Michigan today to make an in-person challenge to Barack Obama to accept draft legislation for a do-over primary there.

The possibility of that mulligan Michigan primary is looking unlikely and follows the fate of Florida. The Obama campaign has raised its concerns but has not yet declared its opposition to the new primary. But logistics, procedural challenges and the Obama campaign's running out the clock all point to no do-over.

ABC News' Eloise Harper reports that Clinton announced that she has accepted the primary proposal and said, "I call on Senator Obama to do the same. This is a crucial test, does he mean what he says or not? And I am pleased and grateful that on this issue the people of Michigan have had such outstanding advocates in their democratic leaders."

Clinton said not counting the votes from voters in Michigan and Florida "is wrong and, frankly, it is un-American." Clinton added, "I am here for one simple reason: to make sure Michigan's votes are counted."

ABC News' Teddy Davis reports that even though prospects for a re-vote in Michigan are bleak, the Michigan Gang of Four issued a statement indicating that it has not yet given up on its push for a new vote.

From Sen. Carl Levin, Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick, UAW President Ron Gettelfinger and DNC Member Debbie Dingell:

"We believe that the best hope of achieving this objective is the passage of the bill before the State Legislature creating a state-run primary in early June, which would not use any state funding. The Democratic National Committee has indicated that this legislation would meet their requirements for the seating of Michigan's delegates. We also believe that passage of this legislation is important to carrying Michigan for our Democratic Party nominee in November."

"We urge the State Legislature to act on this bill."

To illustrate how critical Michigan and Florida are for the Clinton campaign, look at the popular vote when it includes the two states:

Obama: 13,858,246
Clinton: 13,755,568

For a difference of 102,678 votes.

Now take out Michigan and Florida. . .

Obama: 13,289,205
Clinton: 12,570,209

Obama's lead swells to 718,996 votes. (And don't forget his 167 delegate lead in the pledged delegate count and his 29-15 record in Democratic contests so far.)

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